The 5 Most Instagrammable Studios in New York City

As much as we love our sweat sessions, we also love getting that amazing Instagram picture at our favorite studio. Yup, we want to prove that we were there, worked our hardest and were totally kicking some butt in class. You probably already know that there are some absolutely gorg studios in New York City, but we just might have a few more to add to your list so you can capture the best Insta pic ever.

1. Laughing Lotus

Offering a super energetic yoga experience with colored walls surrounding you during your practice, you’re sure to snag a memorable pic to show off how you mastered the headstand.

2. Cyc Fitness

Not only will you get an invigorating ride every single time, but their studios all over the city offer totally instagrammable backdrops to get the post with the most likes.


3. New York Pilates


If the aesthetic for your Instagram profile is crisp and white then this studio will fit right in. The painted brick offers a fresh backdrop so your followers can focus on your moves.


4. Humming Puppy

Featured in Interior Design magazine, this gorgeous studio is sure to add a minimalist feel to your Instagram feed!


5. Y7

From the motivational murals to the heart pumping hip hop playlists, this studio will leave you with endless photo taking opps.


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