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Give someone a gift that’s so good it can’t be wrapped - a ClassPass membership to thousands of fitness classes in 39 cities. From a sweaty savasana to a best-in-class boxing session, they can use your gift however they want.

Give ClassPass
  • E-gift card
  • Delivery when you choose
  • Redeemable anytime
  • For new or existing members


ClassPass gifts are great for any budget because you can choose any amount you want.

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What they get

  • Thousands of choices

    Seriously! They can choose anything and everything, from cycling to bootcamp to yoga.

  • A gift that's always good

    Your gift doesn’t expire, which means it can be redeemed whenever they’re ready.

  • Something memorable

    With experiences like aerial yoga or krav maga, they won’t forget your gift - or you.

Give ClassPass

Need more convincing?

  • “Give exercise high - A ClassPass membership includes classes at multiple studios.”
  • “For the health-conscious recipient, ClassPass is a great alternative to gym memberships. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”
  • “If she lives in one of the cities with ClassPass and loves checking out new fitness studios and classes, this is the perfect gift for her.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ClassPass membership?
ClassPass is a monthly membership to thousands of boutique fitness studios. Members can take fitness classes in everything from yoga to boxing, all with one membership.
How do you redeem a gift?
Anyone who receives a ClassPass gift will be sent an email with redemption instructions. If you happen to lose those instructions, you can always head to
How is the gift delivered?
No need to worry about lost deliveries or rush shipping. ClassPass gifts are delivered digitally. You can schedule when you’d like it to be received - so sit back and relax. If you really want something to wrap, we’ll send you an optional printable PDF, but you’ll have to supply the gift wrap.
When does my gift expire?
The gift of ClassPass is good forever! Recipients can take their time activating their gift and decide when it works best for them.
How can I return a gift?
Sorry - ClassPass gifts can’t be returned.
Any Terms & Conditions I should know?
  • Recipients must be 18 or older
  • Recipients have to put down a credit card for any late cancellation/missed class fees. If your gift doesn’t cover the cost of the plan they select, the recipient will have to cover the difference.
  • Gifts apply toward subscription costs only, and don’t cover late/missed class fees or other additional purchases.
  • Membership renews automatically, but can be canceled at any time.
  • These Gift Terms apply.

We know you want to give ClassPass to everyone (who wouldn’t!) but there are a few quick details to know:

Recipients must be 18 or older. Membership rates vary by city, and gifts apply to subscription costs only. Recipients have to put down a credit card for any late/missed class fees. After their gift month, membership auto-renews, but they can cancel at any time.