Invite your workout buddies to ClassPass for rewards

Working out with your friends, family or coworkers on ClassPass is easy. Refer your workout buddies to ClassPass or invite them to class and get rewarded when they become a paying member.*
*Rewards are available in select locations only, and vary based on your location.
**Reward is available to active paying ClassPass members only and is credited to the sender’s account when the friend becomes a paying member after a free trial. The reward will be in the form of a one-time credit award or a one-time discount off your next month’s plan.

Ways to work out with friends on ClassPass

There are two ways to share ClassPass with your friends: refer them to the app or invite them to a class you’ve booked.
Refer a friend if…
…you want them to join ClassPass with you!
Invite a friend if…
…you want to send them a link with an invitation to join you for a specific class.
Get rewarded when…
…you invite or refer a friend and they sign up for a paid membership using your link.

How to refer a friend to ClassPass

On the app: Log into the ClassPass app, tap the Profile tab in the lower right hand corner, and select Refer a friend.
On our website: Log into your account on the ClassPass website, click on your first name initial in the upper right hand corner, navigate to Account, and click Refer friends.

How to invite a friend to class

Search for any class and click the invite button, or tap the invite a friend link that appears once you reserve a spot.
Already booked a class but forgot to invite a friend? Don’t sweat. Tap Upcoming to view your future classes and invite friends.

How you'll be rewarded

For every friend who uses your referral link and becomes a paying ClassPass member after their trial, you’ll either receive a one-time discount off your next month’s plan or a one-time credit award.*
Rewards are available in select locations only, and vary based on your location. To determine your referral reward, please log in and follow the instructions to refer or invite a friend to class.
*Once your referred user begins a paid ClassPass membership, your reward should be credited to your account within 7-14 business days.

ClassPass is even better with the app

It’s easier to refer or invite friends to ClassPass with the app. Plus, you’ll get access to features like:
  • ✓ Personalized recommendations & offers
  • ✓ The ability to connect with friends & see their favorite classes
  • ✓ Referral contests with special rewards

Common questions

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I sent my referral link to a friend and they signed up for a trial and then enrolled in a paid plan. Why wasn’t the referral successful?

Is there a limit to the number of referral rewards I can receive?

What is a referral contest?

For additional details regarding the ClassPass referral program, please visit our Terms & Conditions page. ClassPass Terms of Use apply.