How to Tell if You’re Healthy

Only just a decade ago, key indicators of good health were fairly finite. The primary one, of course, was if you weighed too much (or even just appeared to have too much fat on your body). You’d automatically and unfairly be labeled as unhealthy. But with the help of the body positivity movement and generally […]

Foods that Might Be Causing Acne

Disclaimer: It’s probably every food you love. There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up with a crop of white and red bumps lurking on your face. It seems your middle school days aren’t as far behind you as you thought. But why in the world is this happening? Sure, you might be a little stressed […]

Quinoa vs Rice: Which is Better?

It’s important to first acknowledge that brown rice and quinoa, although culinarily similar (both are boiled in roughly 1 ½-2 parts water to 1 part grain), these two foods are from different parts of the plant kingdom: Brown rice is a grain and quinoa, a pseudo-grain, is more closely related to a seed. Both brown […]

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