How to Prepare for a Yoga Retreat

So you’re going on your first yoga retreat…get excited! It’s a big move for even the most dedicated warrior pose-lover and it requires some important preparation: mentally and emotionally even more than physically. That, of course, doesn’t negate the fact that you’ll have to get your packing in order—this is not one of those times […]

How to do Yin Yoga

Life is better when you find a balance.  Stress needs relaxation. Solitude needs connection. A salad needs a cupcake. When you find this kind of balance in your day, it just feels right.  The same can be said for your yoga practice. When people think of yoga, what usually comes to mind are sun salutations, […]

Integrating Conscious Breathwork Into Your Daily Rituals: Benefits to Expect + Step By Step Guide To Help You Get Started!

Breathing is a remarkable phenomenon. Like our  heartbeat and digestion, we breathe without effort or thought. Yet at any moment in time, we can make a conscious decision to take a sigh of relief, gasp, or hold our breath.  Anybody—regardless of age, ability, location, or goal—can utilize breathwork as an effective tool for accelerating results, […]

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