ClassPass Live is Here and We’re Sharing Everything You Need to Know

No, this is not a drill — ClassPass Live is finally here! For those of us who have sacrificed a quality workout because we just couldn’t get to a studio, those days are officially history. We’ve spent months working up a sweat behind the scenes to make sure you can have the best fitness experience anywhere and everywhere you go and we’re happy to say; you won’t be disappointed.

Worried you won’t be challenged? Don’t be. Our team has been testing out the classes over the past few months and we can assure you that they kicked our butts (in the best way). That’s because ClassPass Live workouts are interactive — guided by top trainers and a real-time leaderboard that gives you a peek at how you and other ClassPassers are doing. After all, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?

We can’t wait to show you how awesome it feels to hit your goals right in your living room. Here’s some more exciting info on what we’re bringing to your home starting today!

1. Unlimited live and on-demand workouts

Tune in every Monday – Friday for live workouts, or watch on demand when it works for you. There is no equipment required so you can literally work out anywhere and everywhere.

2. Built-in motivation with live metrics

You can bring the workout to your place with ClassPass Live’s included heart rate monitor and Chromecast. Real-time metrics, a live leaderboard and an entire community of class-takers, makes it more interactive and honestly…harder to quit and switch to Netflix.

3. High-intensity workouts designed around your heart rate

Live classes are 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which combines all-out pushes with short recovery sessions. No guesswork here: your heart rate monitor shows you exactly when to go hard, and when it’s A-ok to take a breather.

4. Top instructors to keep you motivated

NYC’s best trainers are ready to help you tap into your personal best. Get live shoutouts during class, connect online post-workout and feel supported every step of the way. Pretty soon, they’ll feel like the overly-enthusiastic family member that you WANT to see every day.

5. Workouts that adjust to you

How long and how often we work out is easy to track – but we don’t always know if we’re exercising at the right intensity. Heart rate training gives you immediate and accurate feedback you can use to improve your workout, and your fitness level.” – Dara Theodore, Head of Fitness

We’ll see you on the leaderboard!