10-minute lower body stretch video

Warm up the hips, legs and back in this series of stretching exercises.
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Lower body stretch video

  • Instructor: Keela Williams
  • Difficulty level: Open — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Body focus: Lower Body — Back, Hips, Legs
  • Equipment
  • No equipment needed. Yoga mat recommended.
  • Class duration
  • 10:36
  • Workout structure
  • Instructor brings the class to a butterfly pose allowing you to stretch out your lower back and then hip flexors and knee / hamstring. Some glutes. We’ll walk through all the stretches twice.
  • Class description
  • Open the hips and warm up the legs in this 10 minute lower body stretch workout video. Whether it’s in preparation for a workout or if it’s a post workout stretch, this stretching routine can be done at home and added to a daily routine. Relieve stress and tension of the spine, support the lower back and increase mobility and flexibility for regular yoga flows or other full body workout with this series of active stretching exercises.

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