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What is Pilates? What does Pilates do for you?

Pilates is a challenging form of exercise focused on holding poses and using small, controlled movements to target muscles. Pilates often focuses on strengthening the core muscles and can include the use of various props or pieces of equipment. Pilates was created by its namesake, Joseph Pilates, in the early 1900’s, but many different types of Pilates have been created since then.

What should I wear to a Pilates class?

Pilates is low impact, but that doesn’t mean that it’s high intensity. You can wear something that makes you comfortable and is easy to move in, such as a workout shirt with yoga pants or shorts. Many Pilates classes do not allow shoes, so you may need to invest in some special sticky Pilates socks.

Yoga vs. pilates: What's the difference?

Yoga and pilates are two very different forms of exercise. Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on connecting breath with movement, while increasing strength and flexibility. Pilates is a recently invented form of exercise that focusing on increasing strength via light or no resistance training. You can read more about the differences between pilates and yoga on our blog.
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What muscles does Pilates focus on?

There are many different styles of pilates classes and the workouts can focus on different muscles depending on the class. Pilates often includes full body routines that work all of your muscles, but there is a large emphasis on the core muscles.

How much are pilates classes?

A single pilates class will cost between $10 and $30. The price will fluctuate depending on your location and if you are buying a class pack or a single class.

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