Barre class

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Barre class is a strength and conditioning class designed to give you a great workout, while strengthening and lengthening your muscles along the way. Barre class combines strength and cardio into one ballet-inspired workout.

What is barre class?

Expect to work every part of your body in barre class, from your arms and legs to your seat and abs. Each barre class is usually broken up to focus on each area of your body separately, both on and off of the barre.

What do you wear to barre class?

You don’t need a leotard or professional dancer leggings, but you do need to dress comfortably.

Benefits of barre class

Barre combines strength conditioning and cardio for an amazing full body workout. Most barre workouts focus on small isolation movements and incorporate pulses to burn out your muscles. Barre classes are usually low impact, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective.
There are many benefits of barre, both physical and mental. The biggest barre benefits are increased strength, improved flexibility and an improved mood. Barre is also low impact, making it a great option for cross-training with running.
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What to expect from barre class?

You can expect a 45 to 60-minute workout that focuses on total body conditioning. As with all classes, try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can stretch and ask any questions you have, especially if it’s your first time to a studio. At the start of class, most barre teachers will ask if there are any first-timers, in which case, raise your hand. If they don’t ask, make it a point to seek the teacher out beforehand and let them know you’ve never done this type of workout before.
Since the movements are small and precise, the instructor will be able to focus extra attention on you and make sure you’re doing all the moves correctly. Generally, you’ll know instantly if you’ve got it right since you’ll feel the burn.

How to prepare for barre class

Barre is an intense workout that can leave you sore for days, though you don’t necessarily get super sweaty. Translation: It’s a great way to start your day if you have something planned for after work or don’t want to head to the office with wet hair. Just be careful about scheduling any heavy-duty classes for the next couple of days, especially ones that focus on your legs or bottom. Make sure to stretch heavily, even just in your bed before you get ready, to make sure you’re limber and ready to point, point, point and point again in class.

What shoes to wear to barre class

You don’t wear shoes in barre class, you wear socks. Most studios sell socks, but check their website to make sure.
Most of the time you should use sticky socks, also known as barre socks. These are socks with grippy lines on the bottom that help your feet stay planted on the ground. Not only does not wearing socks make it harder to hold poses, it can also make class more dangerous, so don’t forget to pack barre socks for your next class.

How much does a barre class cost?

The price of a barre class will vary depending on your location, but you can expect to pay between $15 and $25 per class. Monthly memberships will range in price from $50 to $200 per month.

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