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What to eat before dance class?

Dance classes are typically higher intensity cardio based workouts. While it isn’t mandatory that you eat before dance class, it is recommended by the CDC that you consume a light snack before strenuous physical activity of any kind. Focus on getting a carbohydrate focused snack, because carbohydrates are digested faster and will give you extra energy during your workout. Try eating oatmeal, rice cakes and peanut butter or another light snack before dance class. We also recommend that you drink water during your workout to prevent dehydration.

What to wear to dance class

You will want to wear performance activewear to a dance class since dance classes are typically high intensity. We do not recommend wearing anything that you cannot move freely in, like tight jeans. Stick with performance gear, like shorts and a tee shirt, or looser comfortable clothing, like baggy pants.
Please note that some dance classes may require special attire, so please consult with your class instructor if you have any concerns about what to wear. Additionally, when studios require specific attire it will be noted in the venue description in the ClassPass app.
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What dance class should I take?

The dance class you should take will depend on your goals. There are many forms of dance that have completely separate vibes, moves and requirements. If your goal is to get in shape, check out cardio dance classes. But ballroom dance might be the right choice for you if you love classical music. Have a dance history already? Try something new and challenging like tap dance.

I want to learn how to dance. How do I get started?

Take a dance class if you want to learn how to dance. Dance classes have instructors who will teach you how to perform moves safely and correctly. Dance classes also have the added bonus of likeminded people who are also looking to learn how to dance.
If taking a dance class isn’t an option, look into reading dance theory and watching YouTube or TikTok. There are many great video tutorials that can show you how to execute certain moves. However, we do recommend taking a dance class so that an instructor can provide you with feedback and help you perform dance moves perfectly.

How much are dance classes?

A single dance class will cost between $10 and $30. The price will fluctuate depending on your location, the type of dance class and if you are buying a class pack or a single class.

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