Summer Snack Ideas

It’d be nice if snacktime was still juice boxes and pudding packs, but this is adult life and we don’t get to take a nap after coloring all morning. And all that sugar in juice and pudding? You definitely don’t need that before or during a workout. Just because the perks of being a kid are gone doesn’t mean the yummy food has to go with it. To that end, we rounded up a few of our favorite healthy, guilt-free snacks to get you through the summer:

Coconut chips

In the mood for a good crunch? (Don’t lie, we’ve all been there.) These toasted coconut chips are a great grab for moments when you need a little something sweet.

Buy now: Bare Crunchy Coconut Chips, $2.19 at

Greens powder

Greens are a trend that won’t fade anytime soon, and now you can get their full benefits with the power of a powder. Slip these packets into your bag, and crush hunger pangs with a healthy dose of deliciousness. Because yeah, these babies are chocolate flavored. You’re welcome.

Buy now: ALOHA Daily Good Greens Chocolate, $75 at

Farm-to-bag popcorn

Guess what? Farm-to-bag is now a thing, and not only does it look good, it tastes amazing. Get to know Quinn Popcorn and its crazy-good flavors, like Kale & Sea Salt and California Olive Oil, and fall a little bit in love.

Buy now: Quinn Popcorn, $9.99 for 2 bags at  


Olives? As a snack? Heck, yes! These ready-to-eat pouches come in all of your favorite varieties, but we might be addicted to these pitted kalamatas.

Buy now: Mediterranean Organic Kalamata Pitted Olives, $3.09 at


Pistachios earn the title of best-worst snack. They’re super tasty, but annoying to eat because of those blasted shells. The beautiful people at Plentiful Planet have done the dirty work for you by popping the goods out of their shells. Go forth and live your best life, my friends.

Buy now: Plentiful Planet Natural Raw Pistachio Kernels, $8.99 at


They may sound like a has-been snack, but BienaFoods has reinvented the way you’ll think about chickpeas. Snack on honey mustard, barbecue or sea salt flavors, and forget potato chips ever existed.

Buy now: Biena Chickpeas, $2.49 at

Allison Berry is a New York City-based writer and editor. She’s fallen in love with barre class, but she primarily uses it to support her pizza addiction.

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