Why Men Should Get Manicures and Pedicures

The days of pedicures and manicures being only for women are long gone! Goodbye to gender stereotypes, and hello to self-care for everyone. At the heart, manicures and pedicures are a great option for men to increase their skincare regime and reduce overall stress levels. (We do want to note that while this post covers why men should get manicures and pedicures, these tips apply to all people regardless of their gender expression).

In a 2010 American Psychological Association survey, men said they struggled more than women when it came to maintaining the kinds of healthy habits that can help keep stress at bay. They also cited a lack of sleep and lack of healthy eating as contributing factors to their stress levels.

Three reasons why men should get manicures and pedicures

While we need to normalize self-care for all human beings, today we’ll tackle one activity that tends to relieve stress levels and cover why men should get manicures and pedicures.

Reason #1: Hand and Feet Health

From calluses to ingrown toenails to bunions, there are a variety of ailments that can impact your appendages. Regular manicures and pedicures (as well as trips to the doctor!) can prevent these often painful issues. Nail treatments regularly clean up nail beds and cuticles, while also sloughing off dead skin and increasing circulation. All of this leads to healthy feet and hands.

Reason #2: Reduction of Stress

Receiving a manicure and pedicure is typically a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The act of soaking your feet and hands, followed by light exfoliation and massage can help your body to relax. According to Healthline, “Scientific evidence has shown that a regular hand massage may help ease pain, increase hand strength, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.”

Reason #3: Increased Circulation and Cell Growth

The massage and exfoliation portion of a manicure and pedicure is proven to increase circulation, which leads to many health benefits. Healthy circulation means your body can maintain blood and oxygen flow, allowing your organs to function as efficiently as possible. Improved circulation will help fight off sickness and increase your energy.

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