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What is a manicure?

A manicure is an aesthetically-pleasing nail treatment for your hands. A manicure typically includes the cleaning and shaping of your nails, as well as nail bed and cuticle care, followed by a colored top coat.

Are manicures only for women?

No, manicures are for everyone. Getting a manicure is a relaxing experience that contributes to your overall nail health and wellbeing. We highly recommend that people of all genders experience getting a manicure at least once.

What types of manicures can I get and how are they different?

There is a large variety of different manicures you can get. This includes acrylic manicures, shellac manicures, french manicures, dip manicures and more.

How much is a manicure?

The cost of your manicure will depend on the style you choose, but you can typically expect to pay between $35USD and $70USD depending on your location and the experience of your nail technician.

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