Should you take a martial arts class?

Martial arts may look super cool on the big screen but is it worth trying out at your local fitness studio? Martial art classes are not only great fun but they are an epic full body workout that will have you sweating! In this guide, we’ve broken down popular styles of martial arts that you might enjoy trying out.

Types of martial arts

If you’re interested in martial arts, it can be hard to know where to begin – there’s a lot of different types and styles! To help you decide, we’ve outlined some of the most popular martial arts on offer.


Karate, originating in Japan, is widely known and practiced around the world. Like many martial arts, it focuses on self defense and combat style moves while also incorporating the mindset of respect and self discipline.

Karate is a great form of exercise for the mind and body. Why not check out a karate studio near you.

Muay Thai

Originating in Thailand, Muay Thai is a high energy combat sport. Unlike boxing, Muay Thai is not limited to fist punches. It is known as the ‘art of 8 limbs’ as it involves striking your opponent with a variety of elbows, legs, knees and shins.

In this practice, you’ll be taught both attack and defense techniques so you can handle yourself confidently in the ring.

If you’re looking for a high intensity workout, Muay Thai will definitely get your heart racing.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

If you’ve ever watched an intense kung fu fighting scene that involves rapid punches, it’s likely that it is a form of Wing Chun.

Starting in China as a self defense technique, this contemporary close-range martial art focuses on balance and rapid strikes for ultimate impact.

If you’re interested in learning relaxation and mindset techniques, Wing Chun emphasizes mindfulness and calm to achieve ultimate balance.


Another well known style of martial art is judo. This practice involves opponents using their strength to knock each other to the floor, in order to gain submission.

Outside the focus on groundwork, you’ll also channel mental strength to be disciplined in the sport. Don’t be fooled though, prepare to sweat!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu originated in Brazil. Unlike many martial arts though, you can’t strike your way out of a Jiu-Jitsu fight! Jiu-Jitsu primarily focuses on groundwork, chokes, holds and submissions.

It certainly isn’t an easy sport but if you’re looking for your next challenge, this could be the one for you.

Why you should take a martial arts class

There are many reasons why you should take a martial arts class. Here are just three:

Full body workout

Most martial arts classes are high intensity full body workouts that get you sweating!

If you’re looking for a stronger core and ultimate muscle group activation for strength and tone, then martial arts will help you achieve it.

Boosts mental health

Martial arts classes can help improve your confidence and self-esteem while reducing stress.

When you’re working out your body releases happy endorphins which make us feel good and improves our mood. If you’re looking for a way to unload from your busy life, martial arts is the perfect outlet.

Improves sleep

Who doesn’t want to have better quality sleep?

Exercise, like martial arts, helps regulate and improve sleep patterns so that you can go into your day rested and productive.

Not only that but it will also likely increase your energy levels overall due to the increase in blood flow around your body. This make a martial arts class perfect for when you’re feeling fatigued after a long week.

What to wear to a martial arts class

The type of martial arts class you choose to do may determine the equipment and kit you may be required to wear to participate fully and safely.

However, don’t let your wardrobe hold you back from getting started with martial arts classes. Once you’ve found a class that you enjoy you can invest in your own specialist gear, otherwise most studios will help you out with equipment to borrow.

When thinking about any new exercise class, it is always important to start with the basics. Pop on a comfortable pair of sports sneakers, a supportive sports bra and sweat resistant activewear and get fighting at your local studio.

How much does a martial arts class cost

There’s no set cost to attend a martial arts class. Prices will vary depending on the studio and location but you can expect it to be around $10 to $40 for a class. Check out the ClassPass app to use your credits for martial art classes near you.

Summary of why you should take a martial arts class

Martial art classes are a great full body workout for anyone looking to learn both attack and self defense techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Not only will you build strength and muscle tone, you’ll likely have a lot of fun while doing it! Martial art classes can also help build your confidence and reduce stress, what’s not to love?

If you’re ready to explore everything martial arts classes have to offer, find a beginners class near you.

Use the ClassPass app to find the best martial arts classes in your area.

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