If You Love Pilates You Should Try Lagree

Many of us choosing tomorrow’s workout class looks like this:

“What am I in the mood for? I could get a cardio sweat on, but… strength training sounds fun too. Maybe a HITT class? Or a core workout could be good – should I do Pilates? Hmmm…”

Eventually, we all choose a class. But what if you could choose a class that embodies all the workout classes we love?

That’s Lagree Pilates. Lagree Pilates is a beautiful melting pot of cardio, strength training, core engagement, Pilates… you name it. 

Interested in trying this “best of all worlds” workout class? Here’s everything you need to know about Lagree Pilates!

What is Lagree Pilates?

Lagree Pilates is a fairly new form of fitness, developed in the early 2000s. Sebastian Lagree, a French-American fitness instructor, developed this form of exercise to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of an hour-long workout. He wanted the best results possible while keeping the exercise low-impact. Thus, Lagree Pilates was born!

Lagree Pilates leverages aspects of Pilates, strength training, cardio, and circuit training, all on a contraption called the “Megaformer.” Lagree custom-designed this version of a reformer to have extra features and abilities to widen fitness and position options.

Lagree Pilates vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference?

There are several notable differences between standard and Lagree Pilates. Here are just a few:

Lagree Pilates Uses a Specific Type of Reformer

Lagree Pilates requires the Megaformer, a specific reformer with several different features, to broaden the capabilities of this form of fitness. The straps, adjustable springs and moving carriage allow anyone practicing Lagree Pilates several avenues for strengthening different body parts.

High-Intensity, Low-Impact Approach to Fitness

You may be on your back, or your hands and feet for much of the class, but anyone who attends could attest to how high-intensity this exercise can be! Much more so than standard forms of Pilates, Lagree Pilates moves fast-paced with few breaks. 

A Focus on Head-To-Toe Fitness

The Lagree method promotes total-body involvement, targeting various muscle groups simultaneously. Needless to say, you may be sore from top to tail after your first class!

Benefits of Lagree Pilates

We are obsessed with Lagree Pilates, for good reason! This class will make you feel like you spent hours sweating in all corners of the gym instead of under an hour on a single reformer. Here are some benefits of Lagree Pilates:

  • Effective but low-impact. Lagree will push you until you’re shaking. It will leave you sore for days. Most importantly, it can sculpt your body and achieve real fitness results. However, it can still be an excellent option for people who don’t want to strain ligaments or joints too much. Because you’re not pounding pavement, throwing around heavy weights or jumping around (vertically), people can still get an intense workout without putting too much strain on knees, hips, and lower backs. 
  • Full-Body Engagement. Does anyone else have an easy time planning leg day but tend to skip biceps or back? We all have our favorite type of workout, which can lead to ignoring the areas we don’t enjoy as much. This class will take you on a journey from sculpting biceps to butts to lots and lots of core. You can easily target several areas in one class for a balanced workout. 
  • Build Endurance. These poses are no easy feat – so staying in them for extended amounts of time will push and stretch your limits! It’s a great way to strengthen cardiovascular strength and stamina.
  • Improves Balance. Balance is a critical thing to build and keep, as one of the most functional aspects of fitness. The symmetrical nature of Pilates ensures you can’t favor one side of the body over the other, making it a great way to improve balance. 
  • Improves Flexibility. Stretching muscles with low weights is a fantastic way to productively and safely improve overall strength through flexibility. 

How to Prepare for Lagree Pilates

Wear the right clothes.

Trust us – you do not want any zippers or pinchy material while working out in a Lagree Pilates class. On top of that, we recommend wearing tight clothing – think leggings, sports bras, or tight tank tops – so you can see your form as you practice, and things don’t move around as you plank and tuck.

Invest in grippy socks. 

This is one of the more unique pieces of clothing you will want to have for class. These special socks have rubber soles that keep your feet from slipping during all the different positions. If you don’t already own some, most classes will have them for purchase at the front desk, so you don’t need to make an extra trip.

Stretch well before class. 

Getting to class early is a must for anyone who needs a lot of time to stretch and warm up before the fun begins. Class starts quickly and doesn’t include much of a warm-up, so arrive at class about 10 min early to prep your body for the fun.

Hydrate before class. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there are no planned breaks in Lagree Pilates! So, it’s important to prepare beforehand with good hydration. Of course, you are welcome to take quick sips throughout class. However, it’s wise to prepare beforehand. 

Communicate with your instructor. 

Whether you have an injury, are looking for modifications (everyone needs them), or have questions about form, talk to your instructor before and after class to improve safely.

What to Expect from a Lagree Pilates Class

Want to minimize the mystery around Lagree Pilates? Here is a sneak peek into a standard class. 

  • Fast-paced work – you’ll switch positions quickly – but if you’re clueless about starting, your instructor can guide you.
  • Minimal breaks – you won’t be taking breaks, so you can make your own if you need one. It’s usually just three or so seconds before getting back into it, but it can make a world of difference.
  • Several options for modification – The instructor may say to pike or plank on your hands and feet, but there’s no shame in getting to your knees instead! In fact, it’s a great way to learn form before attempting the full position. Don’t be afraid to modify at any time. 
  • Fun Music – This is not a yoga class – there will be loud, upbeat music similar to a spin class to keep things fun.
  • Sore Muscles! – Don’t be afraid if you wake up groaning the next day – it’s a canon event. You may even say, “I’m never doing this again,” – and then 10 minutes later, you’ll book your next five classes. 

Build Your Core with Lagree Pilates

Regular Lagree Pilates classes will push you to new limits. You’ll leave class feeling sore but hooked. Need help finding excellent Lagree Pilates studios in your area? Check out all of the classes at your fingertips with ClassPass.

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