Fun Fall Nail Ideas to Show Your Nail Tech

Maybe you’re one of those people who has the same manicure style year-round. If you can opt for a simple french manicure during every appointment, that’s great! But maybe you’re one of those people who likes to switch it up, likes to keep it edgy. Personally I prefer to switch it up, and I love to take inspiration from nature around me.

As soon as the first leaf falls to the ground, I lean toward more muted greens, neutrals and deep reds, reminiscent of the fall colors around me. Other great fall nail color ideas include: burnt orange, maroon, black and taupe.

Whatever color you love, this blog post covers simple fall nail ideas and more complicated or fancy nail ideas. Whether you’re a plain jane or a person who loves to have spicy nails, there’s something in this blog post for everyone.

Fall nail design ideas

There are many different ways to take advantage of these fall nail ideas. You can go the DIY route and try your hand at an at-home manicure, or you can go to a professional salon and get a manicure.

The best fall nail ideas and how to get them

If you choose to get a professional manicure, you may want to confer with your manicurist ahead of time. Sometimes adding nail art into your manicure can add extra time and cost to your appointment, so speak directly with your nail tech.

Just show the image to your nail technician when you arrive at your appointment and see if they can do something similar. I’d also recommend researching your nail tech ahead of the appointment to make sure that the complexity of the manicure is something they can do. Most nail technicians have an Instagram, so find ones near you and look through their feed!

A pink moment for the fall season

Who says you have to stick to fall colors? You certainly don’t! This manicure option includes light pink, nude, white and deep purply red. It paints a fun dot pattern that is more muted than something you may go for in the summer (although you could totally rock this in the summer months if you wanted to!) and perfect for fall.

A groovy play on fall nails

These nails echo the fun and freedom of the seventies with a complicated swirl design. In this design, the nail technician painted the nail a clear color and painted a beautiful swirled design on top with a seventies color palette.

Half n’ half black manicure

This is a unique manicure that can double time for the fall and Halloween. This is a tad edgier than the rest of the manicures in this list, but equally as beautiful. In this design, the nail technician painted half of the nail with a clear color, and the other with a shiny black.

Muted matte purple moment

This is another example of how to elevate a solid color manicure. The selected color would be beautiful as is, but the gold diamond accents elevates this manicure into a work of art.

A reverse french manicure

Typically a french manicure has angled white tips, but I’ve seen what’s called a “reverse french manicure” become more and more popular. This manicure swaps out the white for a dark color, while making the overall nail bed a muted nude color.

Matte deep red with subtle oval overlay

This acrylic manicure is such a beautiful and fun example of something so suited for fall. The deep red echoes the colors of the fall season, but it isn’t another plain manicure. The artist added a subtle circle and line design to two of the fingers, giving it the bump of creativity.

Angled white tips with black line down the center manicure

This manicure is slightly more edgy, another fun play on a french manicure. This design skips the traditional curved tip and goes for an edgy angular play. The black link heightens the design and makes it even more fresh!

Try these fall manicure ideas

Pull up this list the next time you’re rocking up to an appointment, and make sure to tag us when you share the results on Instagram.

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