The Best Workout Gear to Have With You on Spring Break

Whether you’re planning a staycation or preparing to jet away to a far-off destination for your spring break, good for you for setting aside the time in your busy schedule for some much-needed relaxation. Spring is the perfect time to travel, especially if you’re escaping the cold and heading to a warm-weather destination. By the time you return, it’s almost time for sunshine and summertime. While relaxing on break is important, it’s no excuse to throw all of your fitness and health goals to the wind. You can absolutely still maintain at least some of your workout routine while away. All you need are the essentials. Scroll through to see which workout gear is most ideal for traveling by car, bus, train or plane all the way with you to your spring break destination.

Versatile leggings

When you’re traveling anywhere, a quality pair of leggings will come in handy. But this is especially the case when you want to be prepared for any exercise opportunities that might come your way during your spring break — be it yoga, cross-training, running or pilates. The CoolMax® material on this pair from Crane & Lion will ensure optimal ventilation and its sweat-wicking ability will provide comfort no matter the task at hand.

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A chic gym bag

A lightweight backpack is essential on trips. Not only can it double as your carry-on, but it can also serve as a beach bag or an everyday bag for any activity. This one by Sweaty Betty London is made from scuba fabric and is filled with all of the pockets you need to pack all of your tiny workout essentials (sweatbands, cleansing wipes, you name it). It even has straps for your yoga mat!

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Sweat-proof sunscreen

Where you’re traveling may not have particularly warm weather, but you should always be prepared with sunscreen — even for cloudy and cold days. This plant-based, gentle and waterproof sunscreen is great for every day but especially comes in handy for workouts since its non-greasy formula is made to last.

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Sun-protective workout gear

If there’s ever a time for an outdoor workout, it’s while you’re on spring break. But this exposes you to some serious sun rays. That’s why it can be helpful to travel with clothing that has UPF protection, like Yaffa’s half zip tunic. It’s made from a light fabric that keeps you cool even when it’s hot and is certified to be UPF 50 by the AATCC.

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Travel weights

Don’t have access to gym equipment at your spring break destination? Bring some along with you! Egg weights make it easier than ever to bring weights on the go — they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and are secured with the help of a finger loop and rubber grip around the weight. Instantly, your arm, core and leg workouts are enhanced in intensity and efficiency.

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Refresher spray

Since you probably won’t have access to a washing machine on your trip, it helps to have a refresher spray handy so you can spritz away any undesirable scent (e.g. in your shoes). Try Arm & Hammer’s latest creation, their Odor Defense Spray, which is even sweat-activated to refresh and rejuvenate your fitness shoes, stat.

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