Have Old Exercise Equipment? Here’s What to Do with It

Looking to get rid of some old or worn out exercise equipment to make room for some shiny, new fitness gear in the new year? Great idea! While most exercise equipment, like weights, kettlebells, bands, TRX and other types of functional training straps and bands have an excellent life span, they can show signs of wear and tear if they’re used often enough — and especially if they’re left outside or in high-humidity areas, explains Chris Ryan, C.S.C.S. and founder of Chris Ryan Fitness. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do with old exercise equipment aside from tossing it in the trash. Here, fitness professionals share some of the best ways you can give old exercise equipment new meaning.

Donate it

Donating your old exercise equipment, whether it’s to a retirement home, high school or community center is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do. “Oftentimes, these places are in need of any sort of exercise equipment and may have people that can fix or maintain exercise equipment,” says Roger E. Adams, Ph.D., personal trainer and owner of eatrightfitness. If you’re not sure what facilities are in need of your equipment, you can simply donate to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army — and score a tax deduction while you’re at it. This is a great way to help others in need and also help yourself come tax season. Dr. Adams always likes to donate his old exercise equipment to children who show interest in fitness. “Even just a few dumbbells or an old bike may be enough to spur a young child into a lifetime of healthier habits,” he says. “Of course, check with their parents first!”

Sell it

“Selling fitness equipment is always a popular option; especially in the summertime as it is collecting dust in the garage or being used as a clothes hanger,” says Dr. Adams. “There are online fitness companies that will actually pick up your equipment and pay you a small amount for it — or you can try to sell it yourself on one of the many online marketplace apps.”

Ryan recommends posting old exercise equipment on eBay. “Exercise equipment is not cheap, but throwing an ad up on in eBay is an easy way to test the waters for free,” he says. “You can see if you can find a buyer for your old equipment. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

Call a removal company

Desperate to get your old exercise equipment out of your getting-smaller-by-the-minute apartment ASAP? Call a removal company like 1-800-GOT-JUNK or Junk King! “These companies are geared towards helping you get rid of your old exercise equipment,” says Caleb Backe, CPT, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics. “This is an easy alternative that means that you don’t really have to deal with the removal itself — no lifting or loading!”

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