19 Travel Accessories You’ll Want to Buy Right Now

You’ve finally booked that trip you’ve always wanted to go on and pinpointed the exact attractions and restaurants you want to visit, but now it’s time to pack. Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or a 10-day excursion, a beachside resort or a backpacking adventure, you’ll want to fill your bags with exactly what you need—and maybe some things you never knew you wanted! These genius travel products will have you asking yourself how you ever got through a trip without them.

An inflatable neck pillow

A true mix of fashion and function. A scarf quickly morphs into a neck pillow with a few breaths of air. Plus, the fabric doubles as a blanket. Win, win!

Buy it now: Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf by Uncommon Goods

An eye mask

This mask has contoured eye holes, plus lightweight and breathable fabric so you can rest easy and wake up without pesky marks left lingering on your face. “It doesn’t touch your eyes, so it’s perfect for when you have makeup on!” –Emily E., St. Paul, Minnesota

Buy it now: Sweet Dreams™ Sleep Mask with Carry Pouch and Earplugs by Dream Essentials

A solar charging lamp

This light is beyond cool. Charge it up during the day using its solar power panel (it’ll last 24 hours!). Then, inflate it at night for a mini lamp that’s bright enough to illuminate your tent or workspace.

Buy it now: Luci Original by MPOWERD

A personal safe

Don’t be afraid to leave your beach towel and go for a dip! This mini portable container functions as an all-in-one outdoor key safe and custom combination lockbox big enough to store your phone, camera, money, jewelry and other valuables.

Buy it now: Portable Safe by SAFEGO

A waterproof phone case

When going on any sort of water adventure, a case like this is needed to keep your phone dry (and of course to take amazing pics while floating around!).

Buy it now: Universal Waterproof Case by JOTO

A pair of compression socks

Headed on a lengthy trip? These are travel writer approved: “For long overnight flights, I always bring compression socks. Aside from keeping my feet and legs warm since I always get cold on planes, I’ve found that they do actually help prevent muscle tension on long hauls. Also, they’re really cute.” –Michelle G., Jersey City, New Jersey

Buy it now: Compression Socks by Crucial Compression

A portable phone charger

Don’t be stuck with a dead phone in the middle of an unfamiliar city or (gasp) the airport! This portable charger is almost as thin as a credit card, so it will fit directly in your wallet, pocket or purse without taking up too much space.

Buy it now: PowerCard by Xoopar

A techy all-in-one device

“I love my Echo Dot! It serves as an alarm clock, sound machine, to-do list reminder, personal assistant, speaker and more.” –Lindsay T., Cordoba, Argentina

Buy it now: Echo Dot by Amazon

A smart suitcase

No stuffing needed here! Fit all of your swimsuits, cover-ups and flip-flops in this roomy carry-on that’s constructed with an unbreakable shell, organized interior compartments and a built-in USB charger.

Buy it now: The Carry-On by Away

A giant blanket scarf

“Even if I’m headed somewhere warm, air conditioning can be chilly! And you can roll it up into a pillow if need be too.” –Micaela C., Brooklyn, New York

Buy it now: Brushed Woven Blanket Scarf by Urban Outfitters

A filtered water bottle

If you’re camping or in an area without access to clean water, pack this bottle. It’s fitted with an inline pump that removes harmful viruses and bacteria. You can even attach a hose to the bottle, so you don’t have to come in contact with the water.

Buy it now: LifeSaver Liberty by LifeSaver

A jewelry organizer

“I have to pack jewelry whenever I travel. I love my Kate Spade jewelry case (and the nylon cleans up like a dream if needed).” –Aubrey B., Big Lake, Minnesota

Buy it now: Jewelry Case by Mark & Graham

A versatile hoodie

Comfort is key on any plane ride or road trip. This jacket has a hidden mesh pocket to stash your essentials, thumbhole cuffs and a loose fit design so you can go from stuffing it with your boarding pass to blazing the hiking trails.

Buy it now: Uptempo Hoodie Sweatshirt by Athleta

A fanny pack

“It’s a lot easier to carry than a backpack—small enough to not bother me but big enough to fit cash, a phone and a passport.” –Tony N., Taichung, Taiwan

Buy it now: Lightweight Travel Mini Hip Pack 1L by Patagonia

A multi-pair sunglasses holder

A sunny vaca calls for multiple pairs of sunglasses. (Variety, right?) Instead of bringing multiple cases (and potentially losing one), pack up all of your options in one convenient container.

Buy it now: Portable Travel Zipper Box Sunglasses Case by Homeater

A blanket with a foot pocket

No more cold feet! This 6-foot long fleece throw is super-soft, but the best part? It has a spacious pocket at the end to keep your toes toasty and warm on cold airplanes and air-conditioned cars.

Buy it now: PediPacket Blanket by PediPocket

A pair of earplugs

If the pressure difference on airplanes causes your ears to pop or be in pain, these earplugs could help. Designed with a filter that regulates pressure on your ears, these plugs are also comfortable to wear and tune out unwanted noise (like those loud kids in the hotel room next to you).

Buy it now: Uni-Fit Travel by Pluggerz

A pair of multi-purpose leggings

The best feature on these pants? Pockets! Leave your purse at home by stashing your phone, money and keys in the waistband of these crop leggings, which feature a front pocket, back zippered pocket and key ring.

Buy it now: FlipBelt Crops by FlipBelt

A bracelet for motion sickness

Don’t let nausea sideline your travel plans! This wearable delivers gentle pulses to the median nerve located on your wrist, which signals your brain to control those feelings of nausea. The band is fit with ten intensity settings that can be moved up or down to help find your optimal level.

Buy it now: Reliefband 2.0 by Reliefband

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