Need to Relax? Try These Restorative Classes in Australia

Wherever you are in the world, life can get hectic pretty quickly! Restorative classes can be anything from a deep stretch for your muscles, to a meditation class or Yin (a variation of yoga focused on deep release of muscle and connective tissue where poses are held up to five minutes).

These classes are perfect for anyone, but a good sign that you need a restorative class is if you have a particularly stressful week, have lots of tightness through the body or are doing a bunch of HIIT, boxing or boot camp classes.

If you’re a HIIT or power yoga enthusiast, taking a restorative class may challenge your beliefs that intensity and difficulty are necessary ingredients for a good workout. However in the right frame of mind, a restorative class can be a transformative experience that adds flexibility, muscle integration and stress-release to your regular workout schedule.

Our rule of thumb is: the more you don’t think you need a restorative class, the more likely it is that this is exactly what you need.  

Here’s your Aussie restorative class bucket-list:


Electric Yin – Bodhi & Ride

This class is unique: mix your favourite chilled electronica with gentle heat to help you unwind from daily stress and Winter muscle tightness.


Aerial Restorative – Zephyr Yoga

This class will literally have you floating in air! This meditative, slow stretching approach to AntiGravity Yoga is perfect for post-injury and post-natal. It ventures  deeper into spinal traction, is slower into stretching and longer into mindfulness breathing practice.


LSD (Long Slow Deep) – Raw Power Yoga

This class will help you tap into mindfulness and presence, while working to target deep connective tissues, particularly around the hips, pelvis and lower spine.


Calm – Centred Meditation

Need to take time out of your busy schedule to unwind, breathe and clear the mind? Centred Meditation is the answer. Located on floor ten of the iconic Rockpool Bar and Grill building, Centred Meditation could not seem further away from the business of the Sydney CBD if it tried! This studio offers a 30-minute guided meditation that will take you far from your thoughts and pressures of everyday life and leave you feeling calm, clear and ready to tackle the next part of the day with a renewed attitude and perspective. Enjoy some tea or coconut water afterwards!


Yin – Power Living

This subtle practice aims to still the mind and the body. Working towards depth from a place of surrender, this heated yin class targets the body’s energetic system and fascial tissue. After an hour of moving slowly through deep stretches, you will leave this class feeling whole in body and in mind.

Erin is the Partner Success manager (Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane) for ClassPass. She's also a yoga teacher, surfer and DJ who has spent many years traversing the Australian fitness terrain. She's passionate about living your best life and she loves to see people crush their goals and achieve their dreams. Follow Erin's adventures on Instagram.