If You Drink Sparkling Ice, This Study is Going to Break Your Heart

You know you should be drinking a lot of water (especially with how much you work out!), but let’s face it: aqua can be boring. That’s why you likely turn to sparkling varieties to keep it interesting, while still staying hydrated. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but doctors reveal that the sparkling water brand, Sparkling Ice is causing major problems in your entire body.

Yes, friends, it’s time to look past their “healthy for you” branding and opt for water from the tap instead. (And no, your SodaStream isn’t any better. It’s time to quit bubbles once and for all.)

The Wall Street Journal is breaking it down for us and sharing the big problem with Sparkling Ice drinks: they contain sucralose. What’s that you ask? It’s pretty much just like Splenda and seriously just as bad. Health expert Frank Lipman, MD shared that it’s linked to increasing appetite and killing the good bacteria in your gut.

Our advice? When hydrating throughout the day, opt for water and add some fun tropical fruits of you need a little flavor. (Might we suggest these mocktail recipes?)

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