6 Healthy Cold Soups You Can Make in Under an Hour

When the sun’s blazing and the heat and humidity are kicking, the last thing you’re probably in the mood for is a heaping bowl of boiling hot soup. But if you’re a soup lover, it’s sad to pass on your spoon-fed delights for a whole season. Good news: Cold soups are totally a thing and they’re actually delicious. No—we’re not talking about refrigerated Italian wedding or your mom’s chicken noodle. We’re talking about a mouthwatering blend of the best flavors summer has to offer.

From watermelon and strawberry to rich butternut squash and refreshing cucumber, here are the cold soup recipes you should add to your meal repertoire this season.  

Chilled Cucumber Soup

If you’re looking for something light and refreshing with full flavor, consider this soup your new go-to. Made from a healthy blend of fresh cucumber, Greek yogurt and flavorful herbs, it makes a great snack, lunch or dinner. The Greek yogurt subs in for any artery-clogging butter or mayo—it’s only 10 calories and zero grams of fat per tablespoon compared to butter, which is 102 calories and 12 grams of fat and mayo which is 94 calories and 10 grams of fat. You can thank the fresh dill, tarragon and parsley for the strong, all-natural flavor and the added vitamins A, C, folate and iron.
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Flamenco Gazpacho Soup

Get your gazpacho on the right way with this traditional hot Spanish soup that’s chilled to perfection. Flamenco is one of the most famous types of Spanish dance, and it’s known for its passion and whirls of color—particularly deep red—much like this very dish. The base is a cool collection of raw vegetables, from tomatoes and red and green peppers to cucumber and diced onion. Since the veggies are only blended and not cooked, you reap all of the benefits of a “raw” diet, like more energy, glowy skin, better digestion and even a lower risk of heart disease. Add in some cumin, coriander and fresh basil leaves and you won’t even believe that each serving is only 100 calories.
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Chilled Melon and Lavender Soup

Yes, this is just as amazing and relaxing as it sounds. One sip and you feel like you’re at a spa thanks to lavender’s natural calming effects. You might be used to the smell coming from candles or incense, but lavender is also perfectly safe to eat. The base of this soup is made from ripe cantaloupe, which contains a wide variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, and coconut water, which is packed with electrolytes that replenish your body’s hydration levels, both excellent for just after a workout. Garnish with fresh blueberries and shredded coconuts.
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Chilled Avocado Soup

This green, creamy fruit (yep, not a veggie!) can do no wrong, especially when it’s blended and mixed with flavorful herbs and spices. This chilled soup has some of the flavorings of a good guacamole because it calls for the usual lime, avocado and chili flakes, but it has an even creamier flavor thanks to the added yogurt. The chopped chives and mint bring on the tang, which is mellowed a bit by the fresh cucumber. Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper on top to taste and enjoy.
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Mango Raspberry Chilled Soup

One way to not let the summer heat get you down? This soup—basically a melted ice pop or sorbet that’s way healthier for you and all natural! Did we mention it only calls for four ingredients? Just fresh or frozen mango, fresh or frozen raspberries, plain yogurt and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. All you have to do is blend up all the ingredients and pour into your bowl—easy as can be.
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Chilled Fennel Soup with Buttered Walnuts

This quick, silky soup will be just what you need after a long, hard day of work. Its main ingredient—fennel—is jam-packed with fiber, potassium, folate and vitamins C, the ultimate post-workout nutrient combo. Another thing about fennel is that it has a creamy, rich flavor, similar to that of cream when blended with other ingredients. Combine with some chopped onion, chicken stock, basil leaves and walnut and you have yourself one hearty, fulfilling meal that’s loaded with nutrition.
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Jenn Sinrich is an editor in New York City, a self-proclaimed foodie always looking for the healthier version of all recipes, a passionate lover of all things cheese, a friendly New Yorker, Bostonian at heart and proud Red Sox fan. Love cats? Cheese? Mac n' Cheese? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.