Pilates at Union Yoga + Wellness

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Union Yoga + Wellness and were last updated on 1/18/23.

Vaccination policies

We encourage vaccination + regular boosters, but it is not required. We do ask everyone who is feeling unwell, even if it is just the sniffles, to stay home and safeguard the health of our community.If you are feeling under the weather, email us at info@unionyogastudio.ca and we can assist you.

Ventilation system

- HEPA-filtered classes- fresh-air flushes between classes- HVAC system that is serviced regularly

Extra sanitation

Floors, equipment and high touch surfaces are cleaned between classes. Props are sanitized between uses.

Limited capacity

Smaller class sizes allow for extra space between participants. We are not yet running classes at pre-pandemic capacities. Time for thorough cleaning is scheduled between classes. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early, prepared to practice. We close for cleaning between classes. Thanks for your patience!

Sun, Jun 4
60 min

Tyler Jackson – M T

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