ClassPass Glossary: Gyrotonics A to Z

Whether you’re familiar with the term Gyrotonics or not, this effective but complicated workout can be a tad intimidating for first-timers. Considered a combination of yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and even tai chi, the workout has been around since the 1980s and has only grown in popularity since then. While taking Gyrotonics will increase circulation, improve your sense of balance and help decompress your muscles, it utilizes a lot of equipment that takes some getting used to. Before heading to class, try reading up on some of the phrases and terms to know so you can spend less time feeling lost, and more time getting a great workout in:


Archway: A piece of equipment often used by advanced students in Gyrotonic classes that allows for complicated movements such as inversions.


Disc: The two circles that are attached to the propellor, found on the Pulley Tower Combination Units and Gyrotoner.


Gryo: A nickname for Gyrotonics.

Gyrokinesis: Based on a similar philosophy as Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis is practiced without equipment.

Gyrotonics: A unique workout that combines elements from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi to improve flexibility, strengthen the body and increase mobility.

Gyrotoner: This piece of equipment allows for rotation of the hips and shoulders.


Jumping-Stretching Board: This piece of equipment uses sliding capabilities to stretch and strengthen the body.


Leg Extension Unit: This piece of equipment utilizes both hand and foot straps in order to increase coordination and strengthen the upper and lower body.


Pulley Tower Combination Unit: The most popular piece of equipment used in Gyrotonics, the pulleys are used as resistance to tone and build muscle.

Propellor: Found on the Pulley Tower Combination Units and Gyrotoner, this part of the machine contains two circular discs that have the ability to move in a circular motion.

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.