Gyrotonics 101

Some of you may have heard about this new workout trend. Its called Gyrotonics. Gyro-what? I know, we wondered too. We’ve seen studios popping up all over the city specializing in this field and we just had to learn more. We visited Village Gyrotonic and got the scoop.

There were a few things right off the bat that had us intrigued:

  • Its not so “new”- these exercise methods have been around since the mid-1980s. It was originally called “Yoga for Dancers” and has since evolved to Gyrokinesis Method. Just like how Pilates took a few decades to catch on and become mainstream, Gyro is just reaching this incline in popularity.
  • Its not a just “trend”- workout trends often make us think of the newest thing that everyone is trying but isn’t sure if it works. This method works and has been proven. Its great for wellness and rehabilitation, dancers, professional athletes, and anyone looking to understand fully how your body is supposed to move.
  • Fusion mania- the Gyrotonic (equipment) and Gyrokinesis methods embrace key principles also found in swimming, dance, tai-chi, yoga, and Pilates.
  • Lots of Benefits-

o   helps decompress muscles and increases the mobility of joints

o   increase coordination of movement and in conjunction with the breath

o   increases circulation and sense of balance

o   stimulates and strengthens the nervous system

Sounds pretty great, right? Try a class! The first few classes will be spent learning how to use the machines and mastering the movements. While you may not be dripping sweat by the end of these intro classes you will walk out feeling more aware, having a better understanding of your body and alignment, and will feel like you’re walking on clouds.

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