The Best Workout Equipment for Home

2020 shifted our workouts routines. Many of us pivoted to taking workout classes from home and to do the best with the equipment that we had.

Whether you’re working out with us from home or in-studio, we wanted to make sure you were set up to crush your favorite classes in 2021. We think it’s time to ditch those frozen water bottles and soup cans. It’s time upgrade to new equipment.

We did the research for you and asked our partners to share their favorite products. These pieces of home workout equipment will help you crush your workout and look good while doing it.

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For Yogis

It’s no secret that a great mat and great yoga go hand in hand, but which yoga mat is the best? Yoga mats need to be comfortable, supportive, non-slip, easy to clean and ideally stylish as well.

Ra Yoga has the perfect mat for the job. You can’t go wrong with the eKO by Manduka.

“As far as yoga mats are concerned, our studio favorite is the eKO by Manduka.  Not only does this eco-friendly and biodegradable natural tree rubber mat align with Ra Yoga’s core value of living mindfully, but it is also incredibly grippy,” says Ra Yoga. You can do an entire hot yoga class without a towel, and never worry about slipping.  Also, speaking from personal experience, this mat is very durable and can be used daily for years without breaking down.”

For Spin

Spin shoes are a must have for cyclers! Even though most cycling studios offer shoe rentals, investing in your own pair has one primary perk: it’s better for you.

Having your own shoes with your own cleats aligned in the right spot under the ball of your foot is much better for your body — it actually reduces the risk of injury to your hips and knees, which can happen with overuse if your alignment is off. 

Chrome Cycling Studio highly recommends the TIEM Cycling Shoe.

“The Slipstream cycle shoes are compatible with SPD cleats and provide a secure and comfortable fit on the bike. The best part: you hop off the bike and continue with your day easily without having to take off the shoe due to a clunky clip,” says Chrome Cycling Studio.

For the Boxers

We believe you must bring your whole self to the mat if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world. Gone are the days of renting gloves and wraps, it’s time to invest in your own. 

Before you buy make sure you find out what size of gloves you need and make sure you buy the right style for your training. Traditional boxing often requires a different style of glove, then MMA. Also make sure that you purchase gloves with plenty of padding and wrist support.

“We love Hayabusa Boxing Gloves as they provide great wrist support, great knuckle padding for protection and have the dual-x interlocking wrist strap closure which makes it feel secure as you stay active in your boxing class,” says BOXHAUS.

Need something to punch? Our friends at FitBox recommend Aqua Bag. “Our ultimate gym products that we absolutely love are AQUA BAGS. Unlike traditional punching bags the AQUA BAG offers a water-filled punching bag that feels more authentic while providing greater protection to the joints due to the water resistance of the bag. It absorbs kinetic energy and allows you to utilize maximum force while decreasing injury risk,” says FitBox.

For Pilates

Looking for a new way to challenge your muscles? Pilates workouts – whether bodyweight or with weights – are a great workout, but adding in equipment might take your workout to the next level.

One piece of equipment is the pilates ring. This can help you strengthen and sculpt any muscle in your body but it also helps you make sure you are using your muscles properly. This is a lightweight and affordable way to challenge and change your workout.!

Ekam Yoga & Pilates raves about the Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle Pilates Ring.

“We love that it can be used in classes but can also be used at home for a very good burn! It’s resistance based so it resembles the same principles as the reformers,” says Ekam Yoga & Pilates.

Another great addition to any Pilates workout are Bala Bangles.

“Bala Bangles are a great tool to challenge and add resistance when sculpting long, lean muscles. Pilates always focuses on a lighter weight/longer hold type of format so Bala can really fit right into anyone’s Pilates practice as a useful weight! They also allow you to be hands-free which helps with balance and lets you move without distraction,” says Sweat Pilates.

For HIIT Workouts

You can get in a great HIIT workout without any equipment but there are many products that can elevate your workout. We recommend adding in resistance band and step platforms, because you can’t go wrong with these versatile pieces. They are affordable, lightweight, portable and they can enhance any workout. 

“We think that the best equipment for in-home workouts are things that don’t take up a ton of space. You can get a more effective, safer, and more versatile workout with a pair of Monster Bands. These tools can mimic any size dumbbells or any machine that you may have in your gym,” says Cut Seven.

Another great piece to add (if you have the room at home) is an assault bike. Take it from the experts at Basecamp Fitness!

“We use it every day for a few reasons, and program all of our workouts around this monster. It offers low-impact cardio involving the upper and lower body simultaneously,” says Basecamp Fitness.

Pairing cardiovascular interval training on a bike alongside a strength regimen can be a key component to staying healthy. Want more of a challenge? Try timing yourself with different intervals each week for some fun challenges.

For the Lifters

Turn your home into your ultimate strength training sanctuary. Household items have been the quintessential “go-to” over the past year, but what about investing in some unique pieces of equipment that can be easily tucked away?

Hype – Silverlake recommends Bosu Balance Ball and TRX Bands . Both are versatile yet take up very little space. 

“TRX is impressive because it provides a full body workout using only the band and can be used anywhere,” says Hype Silverlake. “The Bosu ball is more of a complimentary piece of equipment that can be added to most workouts to infuse routine exercises with a balance and stabilization challenge.  Bosu balls make movements as simple as push-ups into dynamic tests of one’s strength, stabilization, coordination, and balance.”

Sanctuary Fitness recommends the FitFighter Steelhose.

“One of the most versatile fitness tools on the market! We use them in every outdoor class at our Los Angeles studios and have multiple exercise options for every body part you want to strengthen,” says Sanctuary Fitness.

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And That’s a Wrap!

We hope you feel as motivated as we do to challenge yourself, try a new class and product this year. Have product suggestions? Let us know below!

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