11 Must-Have Wellness Carry-Ons for the Active Traveler

Whether you’re white water rafting, hiking the highest peaks or ziplining across a countryside, being on the go is exciting—especially if you crave activity and adventure. To make sure you’re prepared for whatever your travels toss your way, consider stocking up on some of these wellness essentials.

The Conway

One thing every traveler needs: a small, but versatile bag with plenty of compartments. And one thing every traveler has to be sure to do on the reg: hydrate. This bag helps with both—it doubles as a custom, BPA-free water pouch that can hold 17 ounces of liquid. There’s a separate main pocket that can hold all of your important belongings and an inner pocket for smaller stuff, like your credit card and ID. Bonus? The water pouch is stored separately so you don’t have to worry about spills!
Buy it now: Smith and Starr, $85

The Wand

A product that lets you savor wine without the typical hangover side effects? Yes, please! The patented technology in these disposable wine filters absorbs the histamines and sulfite preservatives from your glass of vino just before you drink it, which helps alleviate the unfavorable reactions many wine lovers suffer from, like headaches, congestion, skin rashes and bloating. The filtration also rapidly aerates your wine, maximizing its full flavor potential. It’s a great way to ensure that you make the most of a night out and an early morning during your travels.
Buy it now: Drink Pure Wine, $20

Quick Pack Lux

Word to the wise, backpacker: Don’t skimp on a backpack—you’ll need it for just about everything, from hikes to hangouts. This durable bag is not only a perfect carry-on piece, it also functions as a gym bag and mobile locker, with room for a laptop and all of the essentials. It’s also lightweight, which comes in handy once you start packing, and has a custom design that allows you to stay organized with ease.
Buy it now: RYU, $185

Wayfarer Wrap

This stylish clothing item is a traveler’s greatest companion. It serves as everything from a shawl or scarf to a warm blanket (hey, airplanes and trains can get cold!). It folds up super small, so it won’t take up too much room in your carry-on and is nearly weightless. The best part? It contains a hidden pocket in the very back for holding an air-activated warmer (just in case those hikes are chilly once you hit the top!).
Buy it now: Happy Luxe, $34

Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Cloths

It’s not always easy to bring your entire skincare with you on the road or in the skies (gotta stick to that 3.4-ounce rule!). So the best way to make sure you have what you need to remove makeup, wash off dirt and grime, and hydrate and nourish your skin is to purchase a wipe that does it all, like these cleansing cloths from Biossance. They’re alcohol-free, biodegradable and provide powerful antioxidant protection, thanks to a blend of Vitamin E and extracts of rice bran, rosemary and sunflower.
Buy it now: Biossance, $18

Bio Ionic Power Diva Pro Style Dryer

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of this miniature hair dryer—it packs even more power than a standard, full-sized one! The ionic technology keeps hair smooth and frizz-free and fits neatly into a convenient, compact unit. No more relying on hotels having hair dryers. Now you can have your own on the go and it won’t take an hour to dry your locks!
Buy it now: Sephora, $150

The Airhook

Thanks to technology and smart devices, we’re no longer entirely reliant on airplane television screens for entertainment. The problem that remains is not having a stable and secure holder for our electronic devices. The Airhook provides just that. It’s a revolutionary two-in-one solution for airplane travel: a stable drink holder and secure mount for your device. How? It uses the tray table in its vertical locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally as a platform. No more sacrificing the tiny space you have and craning your neck to look down at your device.
Buy it now: The Airhook, $25

Bluetooth wireless earphones

Not only are these earphones wireless, Bluetooth accessible and have AptX® high definition audio streaming, they’re also custom-fitted to your ear. That’s right—just like molding a mouth guard. You put the earplugs in hot water for five minutes, take them out and then form the warm plastic to the exact shape of your ear. The result: earphones that fit comfortably and won’t ever fall out, whether you’re running or doing back flips. These are especially great for trying to listen to music on the plane or in the airport, when a little-added comfort can make a world of a difference.
Buy it now: Decibullz, $120


Gone are the days of having to connect to wi-fi to play your Spotify playlist on your smartphone. This tiny device connects for you and doesn’t require a phone or Internet to do so! It’s ideal for travelers who will likely experiences patches of little to no reception or Internet (planes, subways, remote areas) but still want access to their music. It also saves smartphone battery, data and memory from streaming music. Mighty holds over 1,000 songs and works with all Bluetooth headphones.
Buy it now: Be Mighty, $86


This portable self-massage tool provides instant relief for sore neck, shoulders, hands and feet. It’s a great way to counter the ill effects of sitting and “Tech Neck” from being hunched over a device all day or from the natural aches and pains of travel. It was originally designed for elite pro athletes to use when traveling, which required a special nonmarking rubber that wouldn’t damage the walls of the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. Weighing only 8 ounces, it packs easily and allows each person the ability to give themselves a full body massage 24/7.  
Buy it now: BodyworksBall, $35

Raelyn Knit Tie Sneaker

Every traveler needs a solid pair of shoes, but especially the active traveler, who will clock eight miles over the course of a day without even noticing. Sports technology meets casual wearability in the Raelyn Knit Tie Sneaker which features soft uppers and durable EVA bottoms, perfect for travelers of any pace. With superior impact absorption and removable Ortholite® footbeds for breathability, these flexible shoes are lightweight for packing, yet provide durability with long wear cushioning. Walking may never be the same.
Buy it now: Rockport, $60

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