Here Are the Best Yoga Instructors in New York

There is something so relaxing that comes after an intense yoga workout that is simply unmatched with anything else and these instructors know just how to get you there. After going through thousands of nominations (thanks everyone!) here is who you say are the best yoga instructors in NYC for the ultimate flow:

Aditi Shah – Yoga Vida

Alexander DeJong – Exhale

Alexandria Brzenk – Yoga Shanti

Cailtin Delaney  – Yoga Pole Studio

Carolyn Chui – Yoga Pole Studio

Courtney Paul – YG Studios

Felipe Gonzales – Laughing Lotus Yoga

Jen Jones – New Love City

Lizzie Faulker – Laughing Lotus Yoga

Nicole Urribari – Exhale

Nina Koulogeorge – YG Studios

Will Schneider – Earth Yoga


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