Yoga Poses and Stretches to Help Digestion and Bloating

Sometimes bloating gets the best of us. Whether it’s right after a big Thanksgiving meal – or any big meal – bloating can make you uncomfortable and downright annoyed. Luckily for all of us, there are several easy things to do to reduce and avoid bloating all together.

One of the best ways to reduce bloating is to stretch and do some yoga after a big meal. One of the main reasons you’re bloated is because you’re digesting your food. While a normal meal may digest quickly, overeating can cause you to feel overly full and uncomfortable.

Four easy anti-bloating stretches

Stretching increases the rate of digestion because of the chemicals that release and improves circulation throughout your body, meaning that you’ll become less bloated more quickly if you stretch.

Plus, who doesn’t love the excuse to lay on the ground after a double dishing of that Christmas ham?

The best yoga pose to relieve gas and pressure in your gut is the happy baby pose. This pose is very comfortable and healing because it releases your lower back while opening your hips, thighs and groin. In addition to relieving gas pains, the happy baby pose has many benefits such as soothing the mind, reducing stress and eliminating fatigue.

Childs pose

Sit on your heels and spread your knees wide. Reach your arms out in front of you and relax your forehead to the ground. Breathe in, then breathe out.

Happy baby

Lying on your back, bend both knees into your chest. Hug your arms around your knees and lift your neck, while tucking your chin into your chest. If it’s comfortable, try rocking gently side to side. 

Supine twist

Lie flat on the floor and reach your arms out, making your body into the shape of a T. Keep your shoulders flat and lean both knees in the same direction toward the floor, gently stretching your spine. Hold this pose for several seconds, then windmill your legs the other direction. Continue as feels good.

Twisted forward fold

Spread your legs wide and bend at your torso, facing the floor. Place one hand on the floor in front of your face while reaching your opposite hand toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for a breath, then windmill your other hand to the ground while raising the other. Complete as many times as you need until you feel better.

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