6 Celebrities Who Hit the Barre on the Reg

Celebrities are just like us—seriously. They need to take care of their bodies just like we do, and some even do it in the same way. Barre is all the rage these days. Some ladies love it because it doesn’t make them sweat (truth). But most people, including celebrities, love it because it helps them tone and tighten tricky areas.

Whether they’re checking out Pure Barre, The Bar Method or the barre studio around the corner, here’s some of our favorite famous barrebelles.

Kelly Ripa


Flexible yet stuck. Let the weekend begin.

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Kelly Ripa’s abs are drool-worthy. This 46-year-old talk show host is little but oh so mighty. Her tight figure is the result of a combination of classes including dance, cycling and barre. She’s even been known to say that barre is the “great love of her life”—besides her husband, of course.

Molly Sims

She once donned a $30 million swimsuit encrusted with diamonds, but 10 years (and three kids) later, Molly Sims is just as fit as ever. She’s a big fan of barre and dance cardio. In a recent blog post, she raved about her love of barre3’s online workouts.

Zooey Deschanel


Shooting hoops outside the #newgirl set!

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This (not so) New Girl is undoubtedly barre’s biggest fan. Before her wedding, Zooey was spotted at Pure Barre and The Bar Method, and she’s been taking classes ever since. Maybe her sweet 2-year-old daughter will follow in her footsteps? We’ll have to see!

Drew Barrymore


#peopleilove #sweatybetties ok this is my last post for this series. Every Monday I work out with my girlfriends and, as female writer Isaac Dennison said, “There is nothing you can’t cure with saltwater. Sweat, tears and the ocean.” May I say 2016 has been a most unique year. I have cried a lot this year. I have run to oceans. I have tried to pull it all back together by moving my body until the egg cracks, and the sweat pours out and releases something. I have always been a person who is flawed. I forgive. I fight. But I do not fight with others. I will spend my life trying to give love. And I am always aware and appreciative when I receive it. My heart is very open right now. Let us all be as good to each other as we have ever been. 2017, here we come. And yes! I will be arm and arm, with all the #peopleilove

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Drew Barrymore likes to keep her zen, which is why she is often spotted at vinyasa yoga and barre classes. She’s a regular attendee of The Bar Method (along with a number of other stars), and her amazing post-baby figure is likely the result of these toning workouts.

Dakota Fanning


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How does Dakota Fanning stay long and lean? Two words: cardio barre! When she’s not on set, Dakota is often caught by paparazzi exiting Cardio Barre, one of Hollywood’s hottest barre studios. Maybe this is what helped her get in shape for Ocean’s Eight?

Candice Swanepoel

Barre is a full-body workout, and this angel swears by it. Before she struts her stuff on the runway, Candice works with a trainer on a full-body ballet-inspired workout routine. She’s even an advocate for New York City’s Ballet Beautiful.

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