Here’s What Happened When… I Tried Yoga

It forced me to slow down.
I spend my days pushing my training clients out of their comfort zones through heavy weights and difficult circuit sets, as well as pushing myself at the same level while training for ultra-marathons. When I’m not in the studio, I’m glued to social media and my career in blogging. This combo has often left me injured and stressed, with no time for recovery.

My flow class at Yoga Flow SF forced me to slow down and notice things about my body that I hadn’t had the time to acknowledge. I am learning to work on my flexibility weaknesses so I can build an even stronger foundation for my goals in fitness.

Moral of the story: It’s not always about the intensity of your workout, or the perfection of your practice. Coming back to yoga has made me a more balanced athlete, as well as a less stressed professional. Find a class and an inspiring instructor in your city, and hit the mat! You’ll start to wonder why you ever wrote off these classes in the first place.

Mandy Gragg is a San Francisco based personal trainer/group fitness instructor, and a fitness fashion & beauty blogger. Connect with her via her blog at The Haute Sweat or via Instagram/Twitter @TheHauteSweat

Avery Lucas is a Customer Experience Team Lead at ClassPass in New York City. She loves spin and yoga, as well as clearing her mind for a run on the West Side Highway. In her free time, she is an amateur photographer and tries to travel to new places.