Your Guide to Never Wearing Anything But Workout Clothes to Work

Workout gear is slowly dominating the workplace in creative new ways, and we’re at a point where the right pieces are blending seamlessly into Monday’s team meeting. Business-casual is becoming more open-minded (read: more comfortable, and arguably, more stylish) and thus the transition from work to workout or work to play is becoming much easier. With key shoe pairings, eye-catching accessories or a certain styling, many of our comfy fitness clothes go completely undetected in the workplace. So let’s blur the lines a little further with some tips to create a work-day-ready athleisure wardrobe for your upcoming week.

Layer a v-neck over a yoga top

This is an easy way to get away with wearing a yoga bra to work. Best news you’ve heard all day? Same. The long sleeve v-neck is clean and modern office-wear that perfectly meshes with your favorite bamboo yoga bra, and no one will even notice. This is a particularly good choice for the days when you can pop out of office during lunch to catch a quick class.

Wear a blazer over a high-neck racer back

It doesn’t get much easier to disguise activewear than layering a high-neck racer under a blazer. It is classic, professional looking, and moisture wicking, so it’s great to wear during important presentations, like when you’re secretly sweating bullets in front of your boss’s boss. It can also be worn as is or tucked into pants or a skirt for a slightly different look.

Disguise a tee with a statement necklace

If you have a large statement necklace, you have an opportunity to wear a tee to work and not get caught. In this case, a crew neck works better than a v-neck, and pocketless is always better. Then just keep it logo free and you’re good to go

Culottes and flats

The exaggerated silhouette of these culottes give the outfit the dressed-up vibe needed to look work-ready and to get away with pairing flats instead of heels to give your feet a break once in a while. Since these bottoms are more of a statement piece, a simple minimalist top can be worn with them too, resulting in one pleasant outfit.

Pair ankle booties with leggings

By now, nearly all of your work pants should be leggings and just about all of them can work for a casual Friday with a pair of booties. Almost any classic pair of Fall booties will do the trick, but make the effort to pair compatible fabrics and colors. Suede booties with faux leather leggings is a good look.

Add a statement belt to a comfy jumpsuit

This trick is about adding an attention-getting accessory that distracts from the fact that the entire outfit itself is athleisure-oriented. Anything bright, jeweled or otherwise textured will do the trick. The important part is finding the killer jumpsuit that will make your day way more comfortable and practical.

Save a classy top for when you need a basic leggings day

We’ve all had those days when wearing leggings to work was a non-negotiable requirement. That’s when it’s time to rock a top that shows a little extra effort and can balance out what the leggings are lacking. The best part is the top can secretly be activewear, too

Amy Hillock is a freelance writer and an executive producer at production company ASSEMBLY9 in New York City. She enjoys leading workplace wellness yoga in offices around Manhattan through YogaWithAim, and spending recklessly on travel plans, green juice and new Nikes. Follow her (mostly) healthy pursuits on Instagram and Twitter.