Can’t Get In the Zone? This Simple Breathing Trick Makes You More Productive

The secret to being more productive and achieving total office zen on a daily basis is actually pretty simple: it’s all about your breathing patterns. Yup, staying in the parasympathetic zone and can be mastered after just a teeny bit of practice.

Obviously, this idea of using breathing practices to help with stress-relief is not new. But breathing in a certain way to keep you focused and get more done each day? That’s news to us!

It all boils down to our autonomic nervous system and understanding how to take control of our breathing patterns. Implementing different breathing patterns literally gives you the ability to manipulate your emotional and physiological state.

Meaning? More productive days, of course!

How it works: Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, an assistant clinical professor in psychiatry at New York Medical College and co-author of The Healing Power of the Breath shared with Mashable, “For maximum productivity, you want to breathe in a way that will keep you in the parasympathetic zone so you are calm and stress-free, but not too far into it to the point where your mind is mush.”

This practice is called Coherent Breathing, which is equal-length inhalations and exhalations at a very slow pace, without holding your breath. For most adults, the ideal breathing rate is four and a half to six full breaths per minute.

Yes, mastering slow breathing might be a challenge, but it will pay off in your work load. (And psst: this GIF might help ya!)

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