Not Sure If You’re Registered to Vote? This Site Will Check For You

It’s almost time to truly let your voice be heard (and we know you want your voice to be heard), but you can’t do that unless you’re registered to vote. Not sure if you’re registered? No prob – you can now log into and they will take care of everything for you in seconds. It’s like having your own, personal voting concierge. For real.

No matter which state you live in, is your one-stop-shop for everything voting related, and if you aren’t yet convinced about casting your ballot, here’s 3 reasons you should:

-Because it impacts your future.
-Because you can’t complain about the world unless you are part of the resolution.
-To honor your rights as an American.

Need more information about voting in your state? Check out Rock the Vote for all the info you could possibly need on voting, whether you are in the military and overseas, need to vote by mail or are a student and don’t know where to vote locally. They’ve got you covered!

Let the world know that your opinion matters. (And psst: to see where the presidential candidates stand on important health issues, read this.)

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