Why You Should Meal Prep

A few ways meal prepping will change your life for the better.

Do you ever find yourself in this situation?  You have just come home from a class and it’s late. You are too tired to cook but know that you need some nutrition. You immediately think of something healthy but that would be too much work. So, you call for delivery or have a bowl of cereal instead. All of which is quickly proceeded by you chilling out on the couch. Well, guess what? Meal prepping could have prevented this situation. 

How to meal prep

The benefits of meal prepping stretch far beyond this scenario and can provide major benefits to your health, your relationships and even your wallet. Here are a few reasons why meal prepping is so important. 

1. You will control the portions

Dividing your meals up into containers won’t allow you to add more and teach you how much you actually need to feel full.

2. You will save money

Planning your meals helps you avoid impulse buying, ordering and eating out. Buying in bulk is also a great technique for saving.

3. You will eliminate surprises and hidden calories

When you prepare everything that goes into your body, there aren’t many surprises.

4. You will improve your cooking skills

If you start with simple recipes and work your way up, it’s easier to become more comfortable in the kitchen.

5. You will see better results from your efforts in class

Exercise works best when paired with healthy eating habits.

6. You will be able to spend more time doing things you love

Putting together daily meals ends up taking a lot more time than doing everything in one shot.

7. You will establish a healthier relationship with food

You will learn more about food in general — which foods are best for different things, what lasts the longest, etc.

8. You will have food to come home to

When you’ve had a long day, you won’t have to worry about what to cook because it will already be in the fridge waiting for you.

9. You will inspire others

When friends, family and coworkers see your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, chances are, you will inspire at least one person to make a healthy change in their life.

10. You won’t waste food

Meal prepping teaches you to make a list and use all of its ingredients. Using everything you buy will help you avoid throwing away spoiled food.

Get Started

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