True or False? 8 Fitness Facts You Might Have Wrong

When it comes to fitness, there are roughly 1,000,000 opinions on how to do it right (seriously, I’ve done the research). But some of those tired-and-true ‘facts’ aren’t actually accurate. Some are even flat-out wrong. 

When it comes to health, sometimes you have remember to do your own research – and focus on what feels right to your body and what will help you achieve or maintain your fitness goals. So, here’s a quick quiz that will get you thinking about the common conceptions out there and whether they really are true, or false. Test your knowledge: 

If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard.
: False!  Sweating is not an indicator of working hard, but merely your body trying to cool itself down.

Crunches will get you flat abs.
: False.  Since crunches don’t burn a lot of calories, it’s not a good way to lose fat. They also only work a small portion of your abs. Instead, vary your abdominal workout by focusing on your upper, lower and side muscles. 

An aerobic workout will boost your metabolism for hours afterwards.
: True! It’s also great to eat something high-protein right after for optimal metabolism. 

Stretching is best done before working out.
Answer: False. Warming up with cardio before a workout is much better,

Running will make you fit without any cross-training.
: False! While running is a great cardio workout, you need to make sure to add in cross-training classes – like yoga, Pilates or cycling – to make sure your whole body stays strong.

The more time you spend at the gym the better.
Answer: Another false. Your body needs time to recover and if you don’t let it, you could get injured. Aim for one to two rest days a week. 

Even if you’re not in pain, you’re still getting in a great workout.
: True! Pain can indicate injury, especially if it is beyond usual muscle soreness. Don’t push yourself so hard that you possibly put yourself out of commission. 

Just because you lift weights, doesn’t mean that your body will be bulky.
Answer: True! Weight lifting can tone your body if used in a specific way. Try looking for hybrid classes that help tone and tighten. 

Jake Goodrich is an avid sports nut and unapologetic fan of Steve Winwood’s 80s albums. You can follow him on  Instagram to stay up to date on his children where he eats (mostly Chili’s).

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