Support Small Studios, Spas and Salons


Supporting small businesses, now more than ever, is a great way to give back to your favorite studios, spas and salons. Book a class with a local yoga studio, try a new salon to spread the love or purchase class packages directly with your favorites through ClassPass.

Until April 2021, 100% of class pack purchases through ClassPass will go directly to your favorite studio, so support local and show them some love this holiday season.

What are class packages?

Class packages are a set number of classes at one of your favorite studios. Once purchased on ClassPass, you will have the option to reserve a class using your class package or membership credits.

How do I purchase a class package?

To purchase a class package, navigate to the studio’s page in the app. If a studio has chosen to offer class packages, you will see the option to purchase them on their venue page. You’ll see details about the classes you can book, expiration date, the location where the class package is valid, and estimated total with tax. Here is a step by step tutorial:

What are the benefits to purchasing a class pack to a studio through ClassPass?

You will be able to manage your class pack and ClassPass membership all in one app and all purchases go directly to the studio or venue until April 2021! Also, these class packages are offered at a discount, so you will get more access to your favorite studios — without dipping into your ClassPass credit bank. More options, more workouts!

How does a class package work with my existing membership plan?

A class package purchased to a specific studio does not impact your ClassPass membership plan. The price of a class package is charged at the time of purchase — with your preferred payment method. When you book a class with the studio, you will receive the option to book with the purchased class pack or with your ClassPass credits.

For more information about class packages, read our help article.


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