ClassPass Instructor Awards 2018: Portland Winners

Living in and around Portland has many perks, but one of the best is the top-notch instructors who call this city home. From spirited spinners to uplifting yogis and beyond, ClassPassers in Portland have access to amazing workouts taught by knowledgeable and inspiring instructors — but which deserve the title of best in the city? We asked and you answered — these are Portland’s top instructors of 2018!

Chris Calarco, Vinyasa 2 at Yoga Union

“As a yoga teacher myself, I really admire and respect Chris. He keeps his teaching real and authentic and I always leave his classes feeling more inspired in some way. To me, that’s a great teacher. His sequences are well thought out and well executed, and you can tell he has put his heart and soul into becoming great at what he does. He knows so much about anatomy and how the body works within the yoga discipline and can challenge you in a way that is safe but still so interesting. There are many awesome yoga teachers in Portland, but none quite like Chris.”  —Kelsey

“Chris is great and gives very helpful tips during extended holds.” —Anonymous 

“Love Chris’ class!” —Anonymous 

“Chris’ class is a weekly must for me. He always gives you room for inquiry and a strong workout.” —Anonymous 

Rose Marshall, MobCycle

“Rose is constantly bringing the energy. Her instruction and commands are super clear while leading you through the workout, which I’ve struggled with in other instructors. She is energetic, positive, and knows how to get you focused on just the workout, leaving everything else at the door. Her curation of music is well thought out and aligns perfectly with her movements. She also has a fantastic way of making every single person feel welcomed who walks in the door.” —Haley

“Rose is incredible. She’s always kind, upbeat and remembers all of her regulars by name. Her classes are challenging, engaging and fun. Her backstory and overall life experiences are very humbling and nomination-worthy. She’s just an overall great human.” —Simone

“Rose is not your average fitness instructor. She’s covered in tattoos, wears huge gold hoops, and loves heavy metal. But when you walk into one of her classes, you know instantly that she’s going to kick your butt in the best way possible. She is the most positive, motivating instructor I’ve come across in my 5 years of using ClassPass. Her playlists are eclectic and her classes are hard. She lives and breaths for MobCycle, it’s a community and the riders.” —Olivia

“Rose is an incredible instructor with infectious energy. She makes her entire class feel good and uplifts everyone who comes. She always makes it fun and challenging and encourages people to push through and do their best, however it looks for them. You can tell every time you ride with Rose just how much she loves to spin and loves being able to be there for other people.” —Ryenne

Allison Beam, barre3 – Southeast and Kruse Village

“Allison is the greatest! She’s encouraging and welcoming to all skill levels.” —Anonymous

“This studio is my home away from home! Love Allison and all the instructors here.” —Anonymous

“Without a doubt, my favorite instructor and class. Seriously amazing!” —Anonymous

“Allison is superb.” —Anonymous

Prizing for our 2018 Instructor Awards is generously provided by Dagne Dover & LANE EIGHT.

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