Why Having Friends on ClassPass Is the Most Motivating Workout Hack Ever

There’s a reason we love group fitness classes so much—we can all agree that it’s just so much more fun to work out with other people than sweating it solo. Plus, research shows that working out with friends is more than just a bonding thing, it can actually impact your workout. A study reported by NBC News says, “Workouts with others improve consistency because they involve a commitment. ‘No shows’ and cancellations get noticed by others and positive peer pressure can help curtail the urges to skip a workout… or quit.”

As if you need more inspiration to start making new gym buds, ClassPass has a bunch of features that make it super easy to take classes with others. Keep reading for some of the top reasons you should start adding your friends on ClassPass.

It’s super motivating.

Have you ever heard that the best way to stick to a goal is to put it in a place where everyone else can see it? Having friends on ClassPass is like doing that, without having to write a Facebook status about every step of your fitness journey. Your friends on the app can view your fitness schedule (and you can see theirs), pushing you to book more classes and keep the momentum going.  

It’s the easiest way to coordinate workout schedules.

So long, Google calendar invites and mistaken bookings. Using the “Friends” feature on ClassPass makes it so easy to coordinate workout schedules with your gym buddy. Next time you’re choosing a class, simply tap “invite friends to join you” and select the person (or people!) you want to work out with. All they have to do is accept and voila: you’re officially heading to class together! Pro tip: The search feature is also a great way to search for classes for you and a friend to take. Simply select the number of spots you need, and the app will filter out the classes that have that amount of spots available to book.

It gives you major inspo on what classes to try.

One of the best parts of the app is logging on and seeing what classes your friends are headed to. Not only does this give you the chance to invite yourself to their workout (everyone needs an exercise buddy, right?), but it also gives you an opportunity to check out studios or classes you’ve never thought of trying.

You can make money.

Probably one of the biggest motivators out there: Adding friends on ClassPass can score you some cash to book more classes — and it seriously only requires the tap of a button. Simply log in to your account, tap “Get $40” and invite your friends to come sweat with you (you can email them, post to your social media accounts or even copy and paste a link that you can text). Oh, and did we mention they get $40 towards their membership, too? It’s a win-win.

Need a workout buddy? Take this quiz to find out what kind of class companion is right for you!

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.