5 Ways to Go Green While You Work Out

Have you ever thought of making your workout more environmentally friendly? For most people, it’s not the first thing that crosses their mind. The truth is, a routine that does your body good doesn’t always do the same for the environment. That convenient stash of plastic water bottles and a long, steamy shower may seem like must-haves, but this Earth Day, we’re taking a look at working out from the planet’s perspective.

Sure Mother Nature wants you to enjoy everything the Earth has to offer (including the amenities), but there are ways to do so without getting on her bad side. Booking your classes through ClassPass allows you to get the low-down on every studio including distance and amenities available so you can make all of your eco-friendly class preparations. Here are a few tips that are good for mind, body and planet!

1. Reuse your water bottle

Plastic water bottles are one of the most prominent pollutants on Earth. Not only do they create a ton of waste, making them takes three times the amount of water as it does to fill them. Bottles made from aluminum, stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are all great choices for eco-friendly thirst quenching. Plus, they make adorable accessories.

2. Skip the disposable wipes

Many studios and gyms offer wet wipes to clean off equipment. Unfortunately, while convenient for us, those wipes are not so convenient for the environment — as most are not recyclable. Instead, opt for a bottle of cleaning solution and a reusable towel. If you don’t see one around, inquire at the front desk — it never hurts to ask, especially when you have the environment’s best interest in mind.

3. Master the quick shower

More than two gallons per minute are flowing down the drain from the moment you turn that nozzle. As our planet becomes plagued by increasing water shortages and droughts, saving water and energy used to make that water super steamy, is more important than ever. If you’re having trouble escaping, set a timer on your phone.

4. Walk or bike to class

Embrace the fresh air and a chance to add to your exercise for the day. Not only will it benefit your overall health, but it will also help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles — every little bit counts!

5. Recycle your fitness gear

Ready for new fitness gear? Before you toss your old wardrobe, assess the condition of each item — many thrift stores will take fitness clothing and equipment that is gently used or in good condition.

While these changes may seem small, there is power in numbers. Be a trendsetter, and hopefully, others will take notice. Trust us, that post-workout high is even greater when you’re helping to save the planet.