Announcing Exciting New Updates to Our Membership

Today we have some exciting news to share with our community regarding new updates to ClassPass’ membership program. Our mission at ClassPass has always been to help inspire people to live their most active lives. Our CEO, Fritz, and I have been passionate about giving you more options and removing restrictions in your workout. Today, we’re excited to announce new features that provide even more flexibility and freedom within our membership.

If you are a current member, you’ve likely noticed that we’ve started using credits as a way to assign a value to each class. This was the first step in adjusting our membership to work better for you. Today, we’re also sharing the following updates made possible because of our new credits-based system.

Roll over credits each month:

You’ve shared tons of amazing feedback on how your credits experience has been going so far, and the team has already made some key product improvements – like being able to search for classes by credit value and enabling you to “top up” when credits run low. Starting today, you’ll also be able to roll over up to 10 unused credits each month. This was one of the most frequent requests we received, and we hope it’s helpful during those months when your fitness habits fluctuate.  

More class spots:

We’ve been working closely with our studio partners to offer you more of their schedules. We are thrilled to announce the availability of premium class inventory, even during high demand and peak class times.  These higher credit class spots are now available in addition to what’s always been available on ClassPass. More classes offered during more time windows should translate into more freedom for you to choose when, where and how you work out.     

No more studio limits:

While variety is one of the things that makes ClassPass so fun, many of you have expressed a desire to return to your favorite studios more often. You can now visit a studio as much as you’d like within a given month at a slightly higher credit rate once you’ve exceeded your plan limit. I’ve personally been putting this to good use with some of my favorite barre studios! 

Dynamic credit rates:

We realized that having a flat rate for all classes doesn’t allow you to get the most out of your membership. By dynamically adjusting credit rates in real-time, we can deliver you more value with fewer credits needed for off-peak classes or gym time. This means you can enjoy even more classes each month if you play your credits right.

We want you to feel limitless in what you can accomplish with ClassPass, and we’ll continue to explore ways to make sure our membership is best serving you. We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon, like adding wellness inventory and launching our at-home fitness experience, ClassPass Live.  Our hope is that all of these new features and benefits will work together to provide the most comprehensive experience to keep you moving!  

—Payal Kadakia, Founder


Payal Kadakia is the Founder & Executive Chairman of ClassPass and the artistic director of The Sa Dance Company. She’s been a ‘dancetrepreneur’ since the age of 3 and has been dancing for more than 25 years.