Meal Prep 101: How to Get Started

Now that you know why you should be meal prepping, we know you’re eager to get started. Before you head to the kitchen, there are a few things you’ll want to know and a few supplies that you’ll want to invest in to make your prepping easier. Here’s what registered dietitian Gabriella Vetere says you need to know. 

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Find easy go-to recipes

When you first start meal prepping, look up a few easy recipes to learn and try to stick to them for about a month — once you find that you can cook them without using the recipe, try a few more. Do this on repeat. Nothing is better than mastering some quick, but efficient recipes and building your skills over time. Try to keep it simple at first and broaden your menu as you get more comfortable.

Choose ingredients that can be used in multiple recipes

Keep your shopping list simple by reusing different ingredients throughout the plan. This can be anything from proteins to seasonings. In our printable meal plan, we used the same proteins, vegetables and carbs for lunch and a different set for dinner throughout the week while still keeping it interesting.

Stock your fridge and cupboard with the basics

There are condiments, seasonings, and flavor enhancers that you should try to keep on-hand at all times. Stock your cupboard with basics such as salt, pepper, cumin, curry powder, paprika and cayenne (or any other spices you enjoy) as well as good olive oil or avocado oil. Make sure to have your fridge stocked with mustard, quality mayo, garlic, onions and herbs to turn your basic recipes up a notch. 

Invest in multipurpose tools that can cut down on time

There are so many tools nowadays that can help cut down the prep and cooking time. One of our favorites is a multi-functional pressure cooker that can steam, pressure cook and slow cook all in one. Not only does it help cut down cooking times, but it also uses less energy. Another favorite is a large food processor. Hate chopping and cutting vegetables? The food processor is your answer. You can add all your veggies and process them to the desired cut and size. 

Make sure you have the right supplies

One of the biggest barriers people have when it comes to prepping lunch is not having the right storage containers or lunchbox. The good news is there have been such amazing advancements in containers and storage made specifically for meal prepping. One of our new favorites on the market? Prepd, an intelligently designed and beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart recipe app.

This sleek and modern“lunchbox” is complete with glass containers to store your meals in a variety of different ways. Another cool feature is their app. It is filled with fresh and exciting recipes tailored to fit any lifestyle. Want to track your intake? Since their containers and recipes are tied together, whatever you put in the containers based on the recipe can be entered into your daily tracker with just one click! Amazing, efficient, and smart. Gotta love technology.

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Other essentials you’ll want to have on-hand are:

  • Sheet Pans
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Saute Pans with Lids
  • High-Quality Knives

Why Meal Prep?

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