Oprah Just Revealed What She Eats in a Day

Ever since our beloved Oprah joined forces with Weight Watchers and made a big commitment to healthier eating, we’ve all been on the edge of our seats to find out exactly what it is she’s enjoying each day. We know she loves bread (us, too!), so we’re anxious to explore her daily menu.

Self recently wrote that her daily menu consists of a lot of veggies, pasta, seafood and bread – because we all know how important it is for Oprah to be able to enjoy the foods she really does love most, but in a nutritious way. She also incorporates a great deal of her zero points foods as she moves throughout her day, but here are her daily favorites:


An egg sandwich (which she calls “the usual”) including egg, whole wheat toast and avocado.


Cacio e Pepe with Shrimp (spaghetti with shrimp).


Miso-glazed cod with veggies and brown rice.


Her favorite snacks include sorbet made of berries and mint (um, yum!), popcorn and kale chips and she always makes sure to end her day with a lovely glass of rosé. 


Sounds like the perfect day to us!


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