Here’s Why Curing Your Hangover Is So Hard

With it being the first week back to work after the holidays, everyone is pretty much looking for the perfect hangover remedy to help get their body back on track after too much fun. The thing is this: every single person seems to have their own special “hangover cure” and no two answers are the same. Experts are now weighing in on this mysterious subject and sharing why this cure is so freaking hard to achieve. 

Hint: greasy food is not the answer. 

Dr. Ed Boyer, a medical toxicologist at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital told TIME, “I don’t think anybody can really tell you with a great degree of honesty what causes a hangover,” he says, adding that theories run the gamut from dehydration to electrolyte imbalance to a buildup of alcohol byproducts. “The bottom line is nobody knows for sure what causes it, so we don’t have a good cure.”

So pretty much, the only way to treat a hangover is to stop it from happening in general (i.e. remember to drink in moderation), but whenever things get out of hand, there are some remedies that experts suggest to help get you back on track and improve symptoms—but not cure.

Sweating it out at the gym is great because it helps to get your body moving, Dr. David Aizenberg, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Penn Medicine says. And of course, he also suggests hydration and even some liquids that help give you an electrolyte boost. 

What won’t help? Greasy food won’t actually soak up the alcohol and indulging in the hair of the dog that bit you just might be a sign of addiction. #themoreyouknow


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