Athleta Is Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Get Back Into Fitness

Getting a cancer diagnosis of any kind can be incredibly scary and overwhelming. You start to question what you should be doing to stay as healthy as possible and how your daily routine will need to change. This group of women’s breast cancer stories had such an impact on Athleta, that they designed something extra special with their needs in mind.

Well and Good reported that a woman named Mary Ridley received a breast cancer diagnosis and immediately turned to a friend for advice (who had the same diagnosis). She told her to join a rowing club. Row (recovery on water) is a Chicago-based group just for breast cancer patients and survivors—no athletic experience necessary.

Athleta teamed up with Row as part of their Power of She campaign where they designed a bra specifically made for women post-mastectomy. Ah-mazing. 

Sheila Shekar, Athleta’s senior director of brand marketing said, “Women were telling us that they’d been using Athleta bras as a post-mastectomy sports bra, but they couldn’t find a truly perfect option in the marketplace. We started to realize this was an underserved need.”

What makes this bra different? It’s made from the same moisturizing wicking fabric as their other bras, with a zipper down the front making it easier to take on and off. It also lays flat, unlike a lot of sports bras that have cups. “What’s really cool is that this bra has soft cups that you can just take out if you want and adjust the straps so it lies flat,” says Jeannine Love, another ROW member, who chose not to get reconstruction. “A lot of other bras I’ve tried just assume there will be a breast there, but this one lies flat.”

We’re loving everything about this wonderful campaign!

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