Stop Whatever You’re Doing: Prosecco Popsicles Are Now a Thing

Last year, as soon as it got warm out, Frose became the popular slushy drink to help you get sloshed and cool down all at the same time – now they are such a thing of the past. Boozy popsicles are taking over and you don’t even need a cup. 

The U.K.-based company Pops, created this yummy treat that’s unfortunately only available across the pond. But, FrutaPop is available here in the U.S. and comes in mouth watering flavors such as Cosmo, Strawberry Mint Julep and Moscow Mule, among 13 others that will keep you cool this summer.

They are made in small batches, containing only 5 percent alcohol each, so you can probably have two and be just fine. Right now, they can be ordered online and arrive just in time for your next party. Pops up!

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