Follow Your Friends On ClassPass! Social Features Added to Android

Working out by yourself is fun and all, but what’s better? Taking a class with your pal who loves indoor cycling almost as much as they love you. We’re excited to bring more social features to our Android ClassPass app. From following your friends’ schedule to discovering where they like to work up a sweat, here’s what you should know:

Search and find your friends

After you update your app, go to your ‘Profile’ page. Here, you’ll see a new section called ‘Friends.’ You can search for your friends by name. Once you’ve found them, send them a request begin following your workouts together. Make sure you check your ‘Friends’ tab when you log in to see if you have new requests!

See what they’re taking next

Want to join your friend who loves hot yoga but you’ve been afraid to go? Did you finally talk your bestie into giving boxing a shot? Once you follow your friends on ClassPass, you can see what classes they’re taking next. You’ll also be able to see past reservations they’ve booked and what classes they’ve double-tapped as their favorite go-to spots.

Customize your privacy

If you’re a little more private, you can keep it that way by checking out your privacy settings. You can decide if you want your past classes to be public so your friends can get inspired or turn them off to keep it to yourself. The same goes with upcoming classes: if you turned down a dinner invitation because you really needed to take a tough class to release stress, your friends never have to know.

And while you may see some of your friends with profile photos, that’s not quite ready yet for Android (but coming soon!). Don’t worry though – your friends will still be able to find you.

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