7 Things You’ll Be Instagramming in 2017

It’s safe to say that our Instagram pictures define our year. This year has been full of just about everything, from funny Boomerang videos to the play-by-play of our Pokemon Go adventures (oh yeah, remember that?). 

Whether you snapped and filtered one or all of these trends, there’s no question that 2016 was a big year for social media. And according to several industry forecaster we spoke with, 2017 is shaping up to be even more IG-worthy.

Here are eight things you’re sure to be Instagramming in 2017, according to the experts.

Food physics

While there’s no doubt that you saw your fair share of Tasty videos this year (those highly addictive, step-by-step recipe videos you see everywhere on Instagram and Facebook), did you actually make any? Neither did we!

But there’s good news: 2017 will give you another chance to jump on the Insta-worthy food bandwagon—and it will be much, much cooler.

According to Melanie Shreffler, senior insights director at Cassandra, a leading company for generational insights, emerging trends and youth behavior, anti-gravity food like raindrop cakes will be all over your feed in the following year. “This trend was born for Instagram because the visuals are so eye-catching and surprising,” Shreffler explains.

Perfume-inspired everything

Another edible trend that will be dominating our Insta feeds in 2017, according to Shreffler? Flower power.

“We’re seeing a growing number of perfume-inspired cocktails and more floral foods, not only edible flowers as foods, but also as seasoning,” she explains, “The trend offers new and interesting visuals that make it very Instagrammable, and the unique flavors in floral food and drinks will definitely be bucket list items or people to try.”

Our guess? Just head to your local hipster coffee shop or bakery during the following year and you’ll be sure to find floral.

Vegetable cereal bowls

Another foodie trend that may not be as sweet as floral foods or raindrop cakes will come in the form of vegetable cereal bowls, says Frida Harju, in-house nutritionist at the health app Lifesum.

Wait–before you click out of this story from pure disgust (vegetables… in cereal bowls?!), hear us and Harju out.

“Breakfast bowls made up of granola, fruit and yogurt have long been the popular and Instagrammable breakfast food, but now we can expect to see this morph into a vegetable cereal trend,” she says. “Already big in Australia, the idea is that since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it provides the perfect opportunity to get your five a day of greens. By combining veg with grains and yogurt or milk on top ensures that you are getting a day’s fuel in one bowl.”

But as with all foods we post on Instagram, art doesn’t necessarily need to imitate life. Snap a pic of your bowl and nosh on pizza later. We won’t tell.


Sick of seeing that one girl on your Insta feed who will not stop posting about her juicing journeys? (Although, TBH, we’re a bit jealous.) Well, get ready for trend’s cousin, aptly named ‘souping,’ to breakthrough in 2017.

“Following the popularity of clean eating diets, souping is set to be the new juicing,” explains Harju. “‘Souping’ uses vegetables rather than pressed fruit or vegetable fruit, meaning that it has a lot more fiber than juice drinks and can help your good gut bacteria thrive by providing a fuel source. Additionally, vegetable soups are normally low in calories and cheap to make. Additionally, they contain lower amounts of fructose than juice drinks, which is an added health bonus as high fructose levels in juices can lead to sugar crashes and sugar cravings.”

The Great American Eclipse

Similar to 2016’s widely Instagrammed “Supermoon,” 2017 will have its own planetary marvel to filter the heck out of.

According to NASA, The Great American Eclipse will occur on August 21, 2017, and will be a total solar eclipse visible nationwide. What’s more, it will be the first eclipse that you can only see in the good ol’ USA, a first since our founding year in 1776. Our advice? Take one pic, then put down the phone and soak it in.

Your daily diary

This past year, vlogging has never been more popular or personal. And according to Elizabeth Giorgi, CEO at Mighteor, that trend will only continue to grow with Instagram’s help. “2017 is going to be about the explosion of personal, behind-the-scenes video of our real lives—the big events and the small,” she says. “We will see tons of people sharing their days and big events like weddings and birthdays through video.”

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

While several familiar trends dominated the 2017 preview runways this fall, according to Vogue, there’s one look on the horizon that will bring you straight back to 2003.

Buzzy shirts,” or clothing with trendy/catchy taglines, phrases or sayings, will be big in the spring and summer of 2017. While they will most likely be phrases of solidarity (in light of this past November’s election) or other pop culture phrases, we can’t help but be reminded of those Hollister, American Eagle and Abercrombie graphic tees with embellishments we saw everywhere back in junior high.  

Julia Sullivan is a freelance writer and editor in New York City. When she's not picking heavy things up and setting them down again (more commonly known as weight lifting), trying to prepare healthy meals in her doll-sized Manhattan studio or writing about the latest fitness craze, she chronicles her zany adventures as a new New Yorker in her blog, Jules & the City. You can also follow her on Twitter.