I Asked a Girl Out in Class And…

There are plenty of great reasons for you to pull the trigger on a ClassPass membership this spring. Your ClassPass subscription gives you an opportunity to put an end to workout monotony, explore new areas and gyms in cities all over the United States, and get back in shape just in time for summer.

But if you are still on the fence, adding ClassPass to your routine gives you access to a community of high energy, motivated and like-minded individuals. 

And if you’re single, it’s an opportunity to meet other singles who might be in your class. I decided to go for it in a class I took recently – here’s what happened:

I’m a sweater when I workout. And it’s not the shiny, gleaming off my muscles kind of sweat. It’s the red-in-the-face, wring out your t-shirt, two-towels-needed kind. Walking up to any stranger after class and striking up conversation is usually the last thing on my mind. But the girl in this class turned my head immediately, and if that meant cranking my treadmill up to 13.7 to win a post-class coconut water and instant ice-breaker, so be it. We chatted about upcoming races and our affinity for triathlons, but I walked out of the studio without mustering up the courage to ask for her number. I wouldn’t get a second chance for more than a month.

Five weeks passed until I saw her again at the same studio. I took a hasty shower post-class and waited in the lobby, cooling down and pretending to look at studio merchandise and type up an email or two. She came out of the women’s locker room wearing a New York Giants sweatshirt dancing to the song playing on the studio’s sound system. She carried herself with a carefree air of independence and confidence that was almost palpable when she spoke. I was shocked she remembered me, if only by face.

I asked her to drinks, and was even more surprised when she accepted my invitation.

Anyone who doesn’t think the preliminary stage of dating in today’s digital era is a chess match based off read receipts and emoticon usage is kidding themselves. I read, re-read and edited my texts more than I edited this article the first few days of texting her. I sought advice from co-workers, roommates, even my parents and came to one conclusion: dating in New York City is an entirely different beast than the dating world on a college campus. 

Regardless, as far as first dates go, this one could not have gone much smoother.  After a 7 p.m. show at Comedy Cellar, we walked around a SOHO neighborhood that had turned in early for a Monday evening. We found ourselves at an all-but-deserted Italian restaurant where Sinatra provided the soundtrack. Over a candlelit table for two, we found common interests, spoke about our families and career goals and compared musical taste. And right before I hailed her a cab, I leaned in for a kiss goodnight.

Taking the stairs two a time down to the subway, I realized that had I never joined ClassPass, this date would have never happened. ClassPass allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, both in terms of physical fitness and social interaction. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next class and do something that surprises you. Try a new class and strike up a conversation. You might meet a new friend, a date or a fitness buddy. 

As for me – well I’ve got to run. I’m late for my next date.



Brian Levine is part of the Customer Experience Team at ClassPass in New York City as well as a Schwinn-certified cycling instructor and ACE-certified personal trainer. He’s an amateur triathlete and overall fitness enthusiast who enjoys a cold beer, cheering for the New York Giants and any workout that gives him an excuse to wear spandex pants.