Teacher Tuesday Spotlight: Erin Stutland

However, she takes it a step further. At the end of every class Erin holds an optional group coaching session designed to help students set and achieve personal goals. The reason? Research has proven that having the support of a community makes one 95% more likely to complete planned goals. Erin knows that no matter how many crunches you do or miles you run, the biggest contributing factor to your physical health is love of self. She wants to make sure you can relate what you learn in her workouts to your daily life—and with this can-do attitude, the lives of her students are infused with success in their fitness goals as well as their life aspirations, whether it’s finally taking that acting audition or getting that raise.

It’s hard to define just what Erin’s work is about, but as her students can affirm, she has one main focus—and that’s to help you find and live a happier, fuller life. Call it fitness or call it coaching, Erin helps build her students’ confidence, encouraging students to not only chase their dreams, but also helping them define and take the first steps to achieving them—and for strengthening their bodies and souls, Classtivity proudly shines this week’s spotlight on Erin.

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